Dafne Schippers
01/21/2017 at 15:43. Facebook
training group!
Dafne Schippers
01/21/2017 at 14:59. Facebook
Finished the third week of training camp in SA. Tired but very satisfied! #Oneweektogo #Progress
Dafne Schippers
01/19/2017 at 18:43. Facebook
Technically not perfect but the snatch in a new PB: 60 Kg!
Dafne Schippers
01/17/2017 at 09:41. Facebook
Benieuwd waarom Zuid Afrika mijn favoriete plek is om te trainen? +update over komend seizoen vind je op mijn blog! [ Dafnelikes.com Link ]

Want to know the reasons why South Africa is my favourite training spot & the latest update on next season? Check: [ Dafnelikes.com Link ]

Trainen in Zuid-Afrika

Dafne Schippers
01/16/2017 at 18:47. Facebook
It is supposed to be blue monday, but not here in SA! #Cyclingtothetrack #NewweekNewgoals
Dafne Schippers
01/14/2017 at 12:28. Facebook
‪Behind the scenes! #dafnelikes #cookbook‬
And go! #feelingstrong #80meters
‪Searching for the best shadow spot on the burning hot track ☀#temposessions ‬
Cooling down after some 250 meters sessions ☀
Cruising through South Africa
Training and working hard day in day out can be so rewarding if fans from all over the world are so enthusiastic and inspired by what you do #SouthAfrica #Motivation
‪Hello South Africa!! ‬
‪Goodmorning South Africa! ‬
Friends for life!
‪Bye 2016...Looking forward to 2017! Special thanks to all my fans, you've absolutely made 2016 a year to remember Have a great NYE! ‬
‪Fotoshoot Dafnelikes kookboek! #behindthescene #dafneschippers‬
Dit waren mijn 5 meest memorabele momenten van 2016 ‍♀???? Check ze op mijn blog: [ Dafnelikes.com Link ]

My 5 most memorable moments of 2016! ‍♀????
[ Dafnelikes.com Link ]

5 meest memorabele momenten van 2016 - Dafne likes...

‪Christmas morning run! ‍♀‬