Tell Republicans to do their job and help — not hurt —some of our most vulnerable Americans.

Sign the petition: Stop the Republican War on Seniors
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Republicans, please explain, if you will—where Jesus is in what you are doing?

By Daily Kos user Onomastic

Dear GOP, where is Jesus in what you are doing?
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We've still got work to do.

By Daily Kos user Brainwrap

CELEBRATE A FEW HOURS. Then come back and read this.
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So careless about their killing. So unconcerned about the pain and suffering and deaths they vote to impose. Psychopathic killer mentality. Cruel. For the sake of cruelty.

By Daily Kos user The Lipsticked Pig

What's the point? Why Are Republicans Always Voting to Kill Things?
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America is filled with all kinds of misguided “patriots,” especially the kind that lost the Civil War.

Super duper patriots fly Confederate Flag outside of arena during NCAA Tournament games
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Let’s be clear about one thing: Pulling the Trumpcare bill was NOT a defeat for Trump and the GOP.

It was a FAILURE.

By Daily Kos user Old Redneck

Yesterday was NOT a defeat for Trump
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13 Democratic senators reportedly haven’t made up their minds yet, or won’t answer questions on how they’ll vote on a filibuster.

Let's put the pressure on.

By Daily Kos user subir

Schumer says he has votes to filibuster Gorsuch, but at least 13 Dem senators remain on the fence.
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Dems should refuse to do *anything* until the Russia matter is settled.

By Daily Kos user chewbacca

Tying Gorsuch (and everything else) to Russia is a winning strategy
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It’s one thing to con your followers. It's another thing to outright tell them that you did it.

GOP Rep Just Admitted ALL Those Repeal Votes Were A Fraud! Cons Lose Their Sh*t!
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Hillary Clinton’s tweetstorm in celebration of saving Obamacare is a beauty to behold.

By Daily Kos user TrumpResistance

Hillary Clinton's Tweetstorm on Obamacare Is A Beauty To Behold!
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A girl born today—in 2017—won’t see equal pay during her career if she has the misfortune of living in one of thirteen U.S. states. Is your state one of them?

New analysis shows just how far we are from closing the gender wage gap