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How to chill like a cat and speak sarcasm as a second language, with Amruta.
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Post a photo with your DailyObject and win a free case each week!

Last week's winner is Kaushal Joshi, with this great photo of his Leather MacBook Sleeve!
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Resolve to put your phone down while talking to people, this week.
#Monday #Resolution
These are Natasha Ambavle's #DailyObjects and you can tell she LOVES colours!
Stripes and a chopper, a pair of #vintage #classics.
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Nazia Khan won a #FREE DailyObjects case this week! Have you entered our Weekly Case #Giveaway yet??
It's still not too late to get yourself a little something for Valentine's Day.
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Happy Valentine's Day. Hug your SO if you have one. Treat yourself if you don't!
Pucker up and make it count ;)

We're making #Sunday Inspiration a thing, with our beautiful Designer MacBook Sleeves...
We love the mood and lighting in this photo. But what we really want is that bread Pakora. #SaturdaySnacks
When you love someone so much, its unbearable.
What the stylish gentleman is carrying in 2017.

Men vs. Chocolates.
Which do you prefer, ladies?
It's Propose Day today. You know what to do...
This pair or #mirrorseflies from Priyanka Keny, featuring her DailyObjects case...

Shoutout to ladies who can pull off both looks stylishly.