Lance Leonard
Jennifer Vallis
Sarah Lyn
Sarah Lyn
Justin Yeager
Arjun Cheema
Make your next meal a deal. Try our delicious new Western BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger with fries, a drink, and our world-famous sundae for only $6.00.
Dairy Queen
Avril Kousof
Ahmed Mackawy
Say yes to your favourite treat. That’s right, the Cotton Candy BLIZZARD Treat is back.
Dairy Queen
Justin Willock
Sharon Fortune
Want a relic? Or a deal? Your choice. Burger, fries and drink with a sundae for $6. Upgrade to a Mini Blizzard for an extra $1.
Dairy Queen
Kristin Judge
Jen Racine
Flowers? Check. Homemade card? Check. Round out your Mother’s Day plans for mom with a scrumptious DQ cake. Get yours at [ Link ].
Flowers Check Homemade card Check Round out your Mothers Day plans for
Dairy Queen
Alex Smith
Avril Kousof
Guess who makes an appearance in Marvel Studios Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. in theaters May 5. Director James Gunn explains in this behind-the-scenes exclusive.
Brian Howell
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Cathy Toole McGann
#LetsRise for the Toronto Blue Jays
Katie Lea
Rebecca Hodder Perla
Jason Sheps
Throughout illness, injury, and treatment 13 amazing kids have inspired others with their limitless character. Show your support for them and kids like them by inflating a balloon online. #BalloonsForChampions
Throughout illness injury and treatment 13 amazing kids have inspired others with
Renato G. Di Lorenzo
Pamela Juliet
Red Bouchard
How can so much irresistible fit into just one cup? Get your red spoons ready for the Salted Caramel Truffle BLIZZARD Treat of the Month.
Teisha Simpson
Brodi Tallman
Paige VanderZwaag
Dave Hill
Melanie Roberge
Ben Omell
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Brie Berry
Norshore Custom
This oven-hot sandwich is coming back to the DQ Bakes! Menu. Can you guess what it is? Post it in the comments for a chance to win a DQ gift card!
This ovenhot sandwich is coming back to the DQ Bakes Menu Can
Elaine Ahola
Jake Chiasson
Sarah Lyn
What's your favourite DQ dip?
Whats your favourite DQ dip
Dianna Wallace
Tia Ardemia Biason
Dennis Lowe
We tried to take a picture of the DQ Bakes! Snacks, but we simply couldn’t resist.
We tried to take a picture of the DQ Bakes Snacks but we simply couldn’t resist
Suzanne Davey
Kerri Tomkins
Avril Kousof
Did somebody say new year’s resolutions? We’re just gonna leave this here.
Did somebody say new year’s resolutions We’re just gonna leave this here
Erasmia Motakis
Patti Rendall
James Ryan Conroy
The Deluxe Bacon Cheeseburger. It’s a work of art. #NationalBaconDay
The Deluxe Bacon Cheeseburger It’s a work of art NationalBaconDay
Tim Davis Oxtoby
Rachel Adams
Survival of the Smoothiest. #BoxingDay
Survival of the Smoothiest BoxingDay
Dawn West
From our treats to yours.
Mary Parke
Ariana DelBianco
Mary Parke
Introducing this year’s Holiday Cake design. We hope you like this little guy as much as we do!
Introducing this years Holiday Cake design We hope you like this little
Brad Keats
Cassandra Crystal Rose Sinopoli
Kaley Lyle