Meme game so strong today. #thelastjedi #YOUWHAT !!!
All these Halloween costumes are making my heart sing!
Thrilled I was able to present these incredible women with their prizes last night at the Student Academy Awards. It was incredible to be in a room full of people producing such incredible work!
A toothbrush and toothpaste, or your childโ€™s favourite doll?
War is at your door. If you had only seconds to flee your home, what would you take?
Over 65 million people across the world have been forced to flee their homes and leave everything behind. Cate Blanchett and friends perform a poem based on first hand testimony of what refugees took with them. Please stand #WithRefugees Sign the...
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#WithRefugees Petition - UNHCR
Watch me duet with the legend herself, Barbra Streisand for #BarbraENCORE, tonight at 7p ET/PT on LogoTV.
Cindy Sherman at The Broad was extraordinary. So glad I've been able to hit some LA highlights this trip!! #Broad2016
Jennifer Lopez!
Forever grateful for everything The Force Awakens has been!!! Thank you to everyone that voted!!!
I mean I LOVE the snap chat filters but do you ever use them and then the filter clicks off and every hope you had that you were suddenly flawless goes away?! Hahaha. #FRIDAYFEELS Songs About Jane is one of my favourite ever albums, been playing on REPEAT this week (I'll be employed again soon so my Instagram will be more interesting than selfie videos using filters)
Talking is so difficult/hilarious right now. (My dentist is AMAZING!!!) #beingagiraffemakeseverythingamazing #teethobsessed (I don't actually post on snapchat I just use filters for Instagram pictures!)
Marvel Studios
Current situation: FRECKLES #partialfacedselfie #dunkno
FIRST LOOK!!! Erm this is super cool. Available during #SDCC Mondo Mike Mitchell #iamaprint #reyartworkissoflatteringiLOVEIT PS, I absolutely loved seeing all the pictures of Celebration this year!!! And I hear next year is going to be even bigger!
And that is a wrap on Star Wars Episode VIII. My heart is brimming. #reyout
WRAP PARDI!!! Gary and Dave are our camera A and B operators and they are FANTASTIC fantastic humans #notquitewrapped #emotionsemotionsemotions #suchaluckyluckylady #thisdresscouldnotbebettersuitedforagirlwhodanceslikeido
Rian Johnson and I face swapped and it was awesome and terrifying. #firstpictureihavebeenallowedtopostfromsetwithoutsomeoneelsepostingitfirst #showingalltheinstagramlovetoday
SURPRISE! It's #workoutwednesday cause I don't know if I have time to train Friday! Ran to the gym between different set ups so wore a pillowcase on my head to protect my REY HAIRSTYLE from Instagram's gaze #topemployee #secrecyqueen @gravzy12 pushing me super hard! #strongfortoolong #gainz ALSO Eid Mubarak!
#DOUBLEPOSTMONDAY! If @riancjohnson can share it, so can I oooooh la laaaaaa, where could it be, what could it mean! #episodeVIIIiscoming ...... #in18months #thewaitstruggleisreal