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Dakar Rally
12/08/2016 at 16:00. Facebook
Cristina Gutierrez: "Ending up second of Spain's championships last season helped me imagine myself participating in the race of my dreams, the Dakar. Like many others in my discipline, I've been dreaming of crossing dunes and piloting through the toughest tracks in the world since I was a child, watching the Dakar on the television. Today I still hardly believe that I will be at the start of...
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Dakar Rally
12/06/2016 at 22:06. Facebook
The official press conference has been held in Buenos Aires today. Who's ready to welcome the Dakar in Argentina this year?


02/01: Asunción (PAR)-Resistencia (ARG)
03/01: Resistencia-San Miguel de Tucumán (ARG)
04/01: San Miguel de Tucumán-San Salvador de Jujuy (ARG)
10/01: Uyuni-Salta (ARG)
11/01: Salta-Chilecito (ARG)
12/01: Chilecito-San Juan (ARG)
13/01: San Juan-Río Cuarto...
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Dakar Rally
12/06/2016 at 15:30. Facebook
Caption this. #ThisIsDakar
Dakar Rally
12/06/2016 at 14:55. Facebook
¡Abrió sus puertas la Exposición Dakar en Paraguay! Los esperamos hasta el 15 de enero para descubrir la esencia del Dakar en Asunción. #DakarParaguay #Dakar2017 SENATUR
Dakar Rally
12/05/2016 at 16:00. Facebook
Graziano Scandola: "There are several reasons that led me to participate in the Dakar, first of all the passion for rally and off-road, then, being a rally driver who has lived seasons where the races were far longer than now, I got to find this environment in Baja races, and the Dakar is its highest expression, a race that have an indescribable charm.
This experience is a challenge to myself,...
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Dakar Rally
12/03/2016 at 15:30. Facebook
[MOTOS] We have 15 main contenders for the final win. Who you got? #Dakar2017
Dakar Rally
12/02/2016 at 17:00. Facebook
#FridayQuiz - 492 racers will start the Dakar 2017; but how many racers took the start of the very first Dakar edition, in 1979?
Dakar Rally
12/02/2016 at 15:00. Facebook
We'll remember it all started from "Grande Francia", although the vehicles that were shipped last week from the port of Le Havre to Asunción are meant to shine throughout South American deserts. The #Dakar2017 is just ONE MONTH away -- share if you're thrilled!
Recordaremos que todo empezó en "Grande Francia", aunque los vehículos que fueron enviados la semana pasada desde el puerto de Le...
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Dakar Rally
12/02/2016 at 13:09. Facebook
489 people interested · 218 going

Dakar 2017 - Ferias Argentina

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Dakar Rally
12/01/2016 at 16:00. Facebook
David Watson: "My Dakar dream was born in 2013, I have some very nice memories of my journey to the start line making some new friends along the way, had amazing support and encouragement from old friends and an incredibly tolerant and lovely wife ! My aim is simply to enjoy and finish it. Thank you all."

[TRUCKS] 9 on the line... When it comes to trucks, it's tricky to make a choice... Anyway, enough puns: Who's winning it all? #Dakar2017
We're glad to have Nicolas Fuchs join us for the first time this year! #Dakar2017
If you could spend one stage of the Dakar in a pilot's car, which pilot would you choose? And why?
[QUADS] Sergey Karyakin vs Rafał Sonik vs Ignacio Casale vs Nelson Sanabria DKR, who will be the king in the quad category?

Pick up your choice in the comments!

Asunción, here we come!

611 vehicles (race, assistance, organisation, media) are ready to set off for the crossing of the Atlantic to Argentina.

- #Dakar2017
#FridayQuiz - The Dakar is the toughest rally in the world. Out of the 560 racers at the start last year, how many of them did finish it?
The big guns, the new vehicles and an exciting atmosphere... everything looks ready for the adventure!

Relive the Dakar official press conference in video!

We've asked Maikel Verkade Dakarrally to do what he does best for you, the fans. He took up the challenge... Although it hasn't officially started, here's the very first wheelie of the #Dakar2017!
WATCH: We're talking to Robert Van Pelt Jr. (Malle-Moto) in Le Havre, France, from where most European vehicles will be shipped to South America. #Dakar2017