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When your loaded trailer looks better than your garden at home....... #ComeOnKidsLetsGoExploreInDadsTrailer #TrailerBotanicals #MightJustParkItAtTheProjectAndLeave #GardensOnWheels
Tuesday Salty 'Timber' Bae #RipItAndFlipIt #SaltBae #SlapTheThickness #IAlwaysWearRoundSunniesToRipTimber #OverDidItWithTheShavingsSoTasteLikeShit @nusr_et
Oh and there are still a few of our (always sold out) value block sets left too... eek
Sorry Facebook friends, I have to get better at sharing my posts over here too
Don't think Shep knows if it's hot or cold around here gotta be prepared for 4 seasons in a day around here ❄☀
I feel so lucky to be so passionate about my work - to be so in love with each and every one of my products. And to have such amazing people to work with like Jes from @dazedbutamazed - your linen is...
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It's fun living with a vegetarian, so us three boys cook our meat outside on the Barbie! #FriYaaaay #Grillin #OrganicBeef #or #200ishGrams #MediumMooooooo photocred @siding_king_303
When you think you've gone to bed 20mins too early so you read your toys some stories until you crash.... #AndThenTheDinosauuuuuurrrAwwwwZzzzzzzzzzzzz #NightNightSleepTight
Good luck to all the munchkins going back to school this week and a bigger good luck to parents sending their littles off for the first time - stay strong ✊ Makes us happy here thinking about all the flash cards, clocks and other Vines of the Wild goodies at home with your kiddies assisting with those early years concepts
No building blocks, no worries at Nanny Biddy's farm. Building cans will do! #ThePantryIsEasierToSeeWhenItsOnTheFloor #ItsAlwaysTheRomanTomatoesKnockingShitDown #JazzyWatchingOnFromTheSafetyOfTheDoor #CountryBoy
The NEW Cat Footwear & Apparel Aus & NZ Convex Boot is here! If your feet get HOT in boots, these bad boys are for you! Let's the heat out, whilst keeping dirt and water from getting in! #PleaseDontSmokeAroundTheseBootsTheyMayDevelopBootLungCancer #WhenSmartPeopleMakeBoots #BuiltTough #CATwork
When in Melbourne...... Get a stranger to take a photo of your Cat Footwear & Apparel Aus & NZ kicks in front of a cool wall! #YouCouldDoWeddings #CATconfidence #CATlifestyle #StreetCred
Yay! The Vines of the Wild online store has reopened and we've got a sparkly new product just in time for back to school! Record all those fun first days with our sweet little school board! Can be used year after year and for sibling after sibling - primary to secondary, even kinder and daycare or first day of swimming, dancing or any special firsts, they'll all be remembered and treasured....
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Go to your first party, have some drinks, life's great, then..................................... #MumComeGetMeIWannaGoHome #ImNeverDrinkingAgain #SeeYouGuysNextWeekend @sophie_vine
I've got 4 genuine Ford PK Ranger Wildtrak Rims for sale. 18in, good condition with minor scuffs. No tyres. Good looking rim, between 2009-2012 models. $500ono the lot. Direct msg me for questions. Cheers peeps
Kids with weapons....... #NextHeWantsOurDogsToHaveFreakinLaserBeamsAttachedToTheirHeads #ButtJokes
Hey guys, make sure you jump on board for this great family day out at the cats footy ground on Jan 15th and support a little champ about to undergo a huge battle no little boy should have to. You can buy tickets (kids are free) or make a donation to help support this very deserving family... a great way to kick off the new year xx

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This is before and after healing from the first go over my neck using the picosure laser for tattoo removal at Swanston Street Medical Centre I'm pretty surprised at how much ink it actually broke up for my body to remove in one go! In 4 sessions I reckon it will be all gone. I only ever planned to lighten it up so I could have it gone over with a much more thought out tattoo piece for...
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No matter how low you ride CAT got you covered! #LowRider #Triker #BumCracksBeGone #BuiltForIt Cat Footwear & Apparel Aus & NZ #CATLifeStyle #3kmHrNeverFeltSoFast
The Van & Shep boys club base for years to come. Cheers Castle and Cubby #GirlsPermittedIfAccompaniedByABoy
Jonno from Castle and Cubby gave it his personal touch with his boys club symbol with the old mashie x hammer ⚒
Personalised vertical garden by Castle and Cubby I planted up with face