Most people agree that a highly engaged workforce is a good thing, but companies need to be thoughtful about what their engagement scores are actually measuring. If you are relying on engagement scores alone to understand the health of the organization, you may end up trading productivity for loosely defined “engagement.” [ Link ]

Being Engaged at Work Is Not the Same as Being Productive
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Pallavi Jha, CMD, Dale Carnegie Training India, spoke to Femina about how to negotiate a raise. Read: [ Link ]

How to ask for a raise
Cultivating the right company culture is the key to attracting and recruiting the talent that’s right for your workplace’s unique requirements. We listed five key ways leaders can recruit (and retain) great employees through company culture: [ Link ]

Creating a Culture to Attract and Retain Employees
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Joe Hart, president and CEO of Dale Carnegie discusses some of the most important lessons professionals can use to become better communicators - the same ones that changed Warren Buffett's life.
[ Link ]

4 public speaking lessons from the class that changed Warren Buffett's life
#Sales Tip! Create a long term relationship based on mutual trust and belief. #SaleswithDale #trust
‪Participants of a major BFSI organization, solving problems and making decisions!
#Quote of the Day! Don't sweat the small stuff. #bebigger
#Sales Tip! Make sure what you sell brings value to your client. #showyoucare
Training the next group of field trainers at Central Bank of India!
#Leadership Tip! Be someone who others feel comfortable around. Support your team. #understanding
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#Sales Tip! The value you bring to a person is greater than any quantity. #GoBeyond #SaleswithDale
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#Sales Tip! Stay focused on your clients needs, understand them & then strive to meet expectations. #SalewithDale
#Sales Tip! Be someone who others have assurance in. #SaleswithDale #trust
I was in 6th grade, 11 years old and clueless as to why I was in so much pain. Any attempt to move any of my joints was excruciating and unbearable. it was a case of acute calcium deficiency as I had grown suddenly in height over the past 1 year. It took almost a year to gain complete normalcy (during this one year, I faced the same problem a few more times).
In this one year, I learnt to...
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