Everyone only saw a fraction of what was happening simultaneously at Michelberger Music. Luckily, some of these moments were captured on tape. Watch and listen at [ Damienrice.com Link ]
In 2010, Damien and various musicians partnered with an organization in Argentina to turn the poems of the local youth into an album of lullabies. The organization is called Casa de la Cultura de la Calle and provides vulnerable children with activities and art workshops such as theatre, music and visual arts. Damien collaborated on the song “Look At Me”. The lyrics were written by a young...
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Recording in Reykjavík. Heading home to Ireland for the holidays to join Glen Hansard & friends for some music to help the homeless.

Last night Home Sweet Home Ireland took over an empty government building (Apollo House, Poolbeg St) to give homeless people shelter for the winter. [ Youtu.be Link ]

Home Sweet Home - Jim Sheridan joins the fight to end homelessness

Rehearsing with Cantus Domus at Funkhaus Berlin
Video by Curly Commas [ Michelbergermusic.com Link ]
Crossing paths with Melanie De Biasio at Haldern Pop Festival.
Video by Curly Commas.
#hpf16 #haldernpop #damienrice #ontour #germany
Thank you Hamburg for standing in the rain.
Danke Leipzig.
No words feel right to describe what may happen in Berlin in October. Perhaps because we have no idea what will happen. 2 days, 80 artists. Honoured to be part of the experiment. Yesterday we spent the day brainstorming at Funkhaus with the Michelbergers. [ Michelbergermusic.com Link ]
"Is he dark enough to see your light?" #Prague Divadlo Archa
Thank you Tbilisi
Istanbul we are here, sound checked and ready for you. For anyone who couldn't get tickets, we will broadcast some of the show live on Facebook around 11:15pm from the Zorlu Performans Sanatları Merkezi (local time in Istanbul).
The lavishly lovely Coliseu de Lisboa #damienrice #coliseudelisboa #coliseudosrecreios
Thank you Soestdijk Palace, Festival Cruïlla, & Cactusfestival (Officiële pagina)! A massive CONGRATULATIONS to Portugal for winning the Euro Cup. Thank you for the wild street party in Porto last night!
Warming up in Barcelona before the sunset
Tickets still remain for Damien’s 13 July performance in Lisbon.

More information here: [ Bit.ly Link ]