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Dan and Maz
12/02/2016 at 10:02. Facebook
Princess Beatrice sliced Ed Sheeran's face with a sword while pretending to knight James Blunt. What happened when you were mucking around with a blade?
Dan and Maz
12/02/2016 at 09:05. Facebook
This kid called 911 to invite the cops to Thanksgiving Dinner. What's your Non Emergency? Are you out of fuel? Nothing in the fridge? Got a party and nothing to wear?
Dan and Maz
12/02/2016 at 08:02. Facebook
Were you forced to listen to a song over and over again? Dan Debuf had to listen to Move Your Feet by Junior Senior when working at a store
Dan and Maz
12/02/2016 at 03:22. Facebook
A Canadian town wants to punish drunk drivers by making them listen to Nickelback... Dob in a mate you want to punish! Tag them and let us know what for...
Dan and Maz
12/02/2016 at 01:22. Facebook
What's the best Christmas movie?
This morning Maz unveiled her new segment - Maz Compton's Astronomy Phenomenon... Have you ever seen a Fogbow? (White rainbow)
What's the funniest thing you've seen your Dad get angry at?
What's the BEST sound to make with your mouth? Tell us what you think and we'll chuck it in the Encyclopedia of Awesome!
Johnny Farnham smashed 'You're the Voice' at the ARIAs this week! We've all had a good crack at this tune at least once in our lives ... what's your 'You're the Voice' story?
A woman found a 25 year-old muesli bar in her pocket... what's in your pocket?
Do you have a celebs' number in your phone? Who and how did you get it?
A woman found a rat sewn into a dress she just bought this week... We wanna do RAT CHAT! Do you have a story involving a rat?
What's the best fizzy drink?
Pizza Hut all you can eat could be coming back!!! Do you have an epic all you can eat story? Maybe you ate the buffet out of icecream or hold the record for most plates eaten?
What's that one question you want everyone to stop asking you? Maz Compton is sick of people asking if she's set a wedding date, and Dan Debuf is sick of people asking when he's cutting his hair
Adele's concert was hijacked by a bat... Have you been attacked by a bat or got a bat story?
Got a non emergency but it's not urgent enough to call 000? Don't, let us know below. Maybe you lost your keys, or need petrol but you're running late?
This was Dans response when he saw Maz's Instagram engagement post.
This Uber driver used to be the AOL guy that said 'You've Got Mail'. Have you seen a celeb working a normal job?
The dude who sent a drone to get a sausage from Bunnings. Amazing. Have you gone above and beyond to be lazy? Built something epic to make life easier?