You miss 100% of the shots you don't take-WG
It's been fun. Song: TheWeeknd
If you hate seeing me do well, 2017 gonna be another fucked up year for you Bag Raiders
Testing new sleds & bikes in Jackson Hole, don't buy an Arctic Cat, they are pieces of shit video SkyPixel Media song AC/DC
Four feet of fresh powder Togwotee Mountain Lodge
First snowmobile trip of the year
Amazing day at the dunes with NinaWinther
Appreciate all the birthday love today Chris Brown G-Eazy Stefanieknight Lindsey Pelas
The remote fired machine guns seem necessary
BlitzFantasy launch party with Floyd and my skinny little friends
Pretty sure the BlitzFantasy contest winners had a good time at the launch party. Song by T-Pain
Steve Aoki charity event with NinaWinther
NinaWinther and the catmouse
80 degrees in November, feelin good
America is rioting in the streets over the election, in other news, weed is now legal in Nevada
Been a hell of a week