Dance Academy
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#TBT to this serious Series Two barre session.
Dance Academy
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Aussie fans! We can't wait til April 6th, and we know that you feel the same way. So we've put a countdown time on our site.

Check it out! You might have to scroll down to see it ...

Dance Academy 2
Dance Academy
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Ballerinas really are amazing athletes

A Day in the Life of a Ballerina
It had to happen! Here's TJ chatting to Thom Green on today's #BetweenTwoTutus.
#TBT to these tough guys in Season Two
Oh dear Thom Green, is this one tutu awkward?!

Don't miss Jordan in the hot seat on #BetweenTwoTutus.
#TBT to some fine form from the Benster in Season Three.
Thom and Xenia get real on today's episode of ... 'Between Two Tutus'.
Does Keiynan Lonsdale actually #RememberSammy?

Revealed on today's 'Between Two Tutus'.
Since we're so excited about our new trailer and poster (and so thrilled that you are loving them too), we couldn't resist a little #TBT to Series One.
Today on 'Between Two Tutus', Thom Green chats to Dena Kaplan and it doesn't get weird at all ...
It's here! We hope you love our trailer as much as we do.

Dance Academy is in cinemas across Australia on April 6th ❤
Merry Christmas from the Dance Academy team ❤
Thom's next guest on 'Between Two Tutus' is none other than superstar director Jeffrey Walker