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You're gonna want to get your hands (or quads, or glutes) on these new foam rollers: [ Link ]

Meet Your New Favorite Foam Rollers - Dance Magazine
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Motion-tracking pointe shoes, drones that capture dance from above + more: [ Link ]

(From a research project done by The Forsythe Company and The Ohio State University using a Motion Bank prototype)

4 Tech Tools That Could Transform the Dance World - Dance Magazine
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"I have always believed that things happen because it is written somewhere. Call it God, or destiny, but I think dance found me." [ Link ]

(Photo by Leonel Nerio, courtesy Houston Ballet)

Why I Dance: Karina González - Dance Magazine
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Meet RubberLegz, a German dancer with a style that can't be defined: [ Link ]
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Mark Morris is making a Beatles-themed piece, and we're all for it: [ Link ]

(Photo via Mark Morris Dance Group)
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"My class is intense. I go from hard-hitting, full-out choreography to sexy and classy, masculine, jazz funk or contemporary hip hop. It's new-school choreo with an old-school feel." — Tricia Miranda

(PC Joe Toreno)
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Choreography competitions could be the launchpad your work needs: [ Link ]

(Gabrielle Lamb creating a work at the 2014 National Choreographers Initiative. Photo by Ty Parmenter)

Choreographers, Here's One Way to Jump Start Your Career - Dance Magazine
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5 common dance injuries and how to avoid them: [ Link ]

(PC Nathan Sayers)

From Risk to Recovery - Dance Magazine
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It wouldn't be #NationalPuppyDay without these dancers' dogs. (Warning: may cause cuteness overload.) [ Link ]

(Photo via Instagram @shallotthegoldendoodle)

We're Celebrating National Puppy Day with These Dancers' Dogs - Dance Magazine
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For Jiri Kylián's 70th birthday, the dance world is gifting us with an entire year of celebrations: [ Link ]

(NDT 3 in Kylián’s Birth-day. Photo by Joris-Jan Bos)
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Parents don't approve? It's still possible to have a successful dance career: [ Link ]

(Noelani Pantastico. Photo by Angela Sterling, courtesy Pacific Northwest Ballet)

When Your Family Doesn't Support Your Dance Career - Dance Magazine
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"If you're open-minded, things keep changing, and you keep having different opportunities. If you're willing to mutate with your personal evolution, who knows where it goes?" — Alessandra Ferri

PC Lucas Chilczuk
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A New York City Ballet principal spills on her stage fright strategies: [ Link ]

(Photo by Jim Lafferty)

Paralyzed by Stage Fright? 6 Ways to Beat Your Nerves - Dance Magazine
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The drama that unfolded after a scathing review begs us to ask the question: [ Link ]

(David Dawson's "The Human Seasons." Photo by Bill Cooper)

Should Artists Respond to Reviews? - Dance Magazine
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Hear how Stephen Petronio tackles gender in his work, & catch his company at The Joyce Theater next week: [ Link ]
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4 artistic directors on why they promote dancers to the top rank: [ Link ]

(Isabella Boylston was promoted to principal at American Ballet Theatre in 2014. Photo by Gene Schiavone)

What Makes a Principal? - Dance Magazine
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Keigwin + Company is in Africa this month, collaborating with local artists and sharing movement across cultures.
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Corps confessions: What do you do when the promotion never comes? [ Link ]

(Ronald Hynd’s "The Sleeping Beauty." Photo by Lindsay Thomas)

A Career in the Corps - Dance Magazine
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Read Wendy Perron's tribute to the late Trisha Brown: [ Link ]

(PC Lois Greenfield)