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What to do if you're wait-listed to your dream intensive: [ Link ]

(Springboard Danse Montreal accepted 45 dancers from its waitlist last year. Photo by Michael Slobodian)

The Waiting Game - Dance Magazine
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The pros and cons of running, cycling, swimming and more: [ Link ]

The Best Cardio Workouts for Dancers - Dance Magazine
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Watch Alexei Ratmansky create his newest work for Miami City Ballet and find out where he draws inspiration from: [ Link ]
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Martha Graham Dance Company's Lloyd Knight.

PC Hibbard Nash
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How to build the next generation of dancemakers: [ Link ]

(PC Todd Rosenberg, courtesy Hubbard Street Dance Chicago)

What It Takes to Create a Choreographer - Dance Magazine
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Boston Ballet's Misa Kuranaga serving #tututuesday, Forsythe edition.

(PC Nathan Sayers)
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A judge's perspective on Youth America Grand Prix.

(PC Rachel Papo)

Seven Reasons I Love Judging at YAGP - Dance Magazine
This short film featuring Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater's Jamar Roberts is gorgeous: [ Link ]

"Moonlight x Ailey" is the Most Beautiful Video You’ll See Today
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Go behind the scenes at our cover shoot with American Ballet Theatre's Isabella Boylston! Click for the full video: [ Link ]
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This is how you know it's time to move on: [ Link ]

7 Signs It's Time To Change Jobs
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International star Lucia Lacarra has taken her career into her own hands: [ Link ]

(PC Charles Tandy)

A Bold Leap - Dance Magazine
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New York City Ballet's Abi Stafford on overcoming self-doubt & learning how to enjoy herself onstage: [ Link ]

(PC Paul Kolnik)

Forget Self-Doubt: NYCB's Abi Stafford on Silencing Inner Critics - Dance Magazine
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Dance festivals could be the key to jumpstarting your career: [ Link ]

(PC Stephen Texeira)

The Perks of the Festival Circuit - Dance Magazine
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Post-Cedar Lake, Ebony Williams has conquered the commercial world: [ Link ]

(PC Jayme Thornton)

Where Her Secret Lies - Dance Magazine
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"As I grow as a dancer, my personality comes into focus, and as I gain life experience, my dancing changes and evolves."— American Ballet Theatre's Isabella Boylston

(PC Jayme Thornton)
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What it's really like to have your dance video go viral: [ Link ]

(Kirk Henning and his dancer groomsmen surprised the bride with a dance that drew over 120 million views. PC Mike Topham Photography)

Gone Viral - Dance Magazine
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Excuse us while we gush over this Michelle Dorrance / Dorrance Dance + Works & Process at the Guggenheim collaboration: [ Link ]
(PC Matthew Murphy)

Michelle Dorrance Took Over the Guggenheim Rotunda, And It Was Genius - Dance Magazine
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Raise your hand if you've done this 5 times already today.

Photo shoot realness courtesy Isabella Boylston. <3

(PC Jayme Thornton)
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The star of Cagney The Musical on singing & dancing the life of a quintessential "tough guy": [ Link ]

(PC Carol Rosegg)

What It's Like to Play Your Hero Off-Broadway Eight Times a Week - Dance Magazine
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Miami City Ballet's Nathalia Arja.

(PC Alexander Iziliaev)