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Abby is bringing in some competition for Brynn.
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Dance Moms
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Dance Moms
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Group dance: "Six Feet Underneath"
Dance Moms
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The girls compete in an ugly dance off on their day off!
Dance Moms
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Bonus scene: Kendall's solo, "DOA"
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Dance Moms
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Sometimes parents do crazy things...
Dance Moms
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How we feel about pyramid.
Dance Moms
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The girls are learning the ins and outs of one very interesting job.
Dance Moms
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Moms are supposed to embarrass their kids... right?
One dance mom is getting on Abby's last nerve.
ICYMI: The ALDC tries to beat the curse of Fresno.

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Who had the lead role in the group dance this week?
This mother-daughter duo doesn't want to be used by Abby.
Full Dance: "Good Help is Hard to Find"
When someone says you're perfect and you're just like, I know.
Abby's got her tango pants on!
When you're over everything and profusely sweating at the same time.