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Photo of the Day: American Ballet Theatre's Gisele Bethea (photo by Benjamin Majors)
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Ignoring your aches and pains? You shouldn't be: [ Link ]

Your Least-Loved Body Parts
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Photo of the Day: Ashley Mayeux (photo by Vikki Sloviter Photography)
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Need a little #WednesdayWisdom? Read what Carla Körbes has to say to her younger self: [ Link ]

Letter To My Teenage Self: Carla Körbes
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It takes two!

Photo of the Day: Marie Millard and Christopher Dariano (photo by Kenneth B. Edwards)
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Lil Buck is the absolute coolest, and so is this commercial: [ Link ]

Lil Buck’s AirPod Commercial Is Our New Obsession
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Let choreographer Kyle Abraham inspire you this morning: [ Link ]

Choreographer’s Collage: Kyle Abraham
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Photo of the Day: Stephen Jacobsen (photo by Ballet Zaida)
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Kaycee Rice giving us some major inspiration this Monday: [ Link ]

Kaycee Rice’s New Nike Video Is Major #MondayMotivation
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Photo of the Day: Alexandra Hoffmann (photo by Eva Nys Photography)
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Photo of the Day: Jasmine Robinson (photo by Chris Reilly Photography)
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Hey, college students! Want to intern for us? We'd love to hear from you: [ Link ]
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We've got that #FridayFeeling with Ashleigh Ross and Sharkcookie!
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Get excited, because this show is going to be amazing: [ Link ]

More Tantalizing Info About J. Lo’s “World of Dance”
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We asked the pros about their most memorable summer intensive experiences: [ Link ]

Life-Changing Summers
Photo of the Day: American Ballet Theatre's Devon Teuscher (photo by Sarah Kehoe)