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Photo of the Day: Avery Gay (photo by DB Dance Photos)
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We can't stop watching RubberLegz and James Gregg's amazing moves: [ Link ]

WATCH: This Choreo Is So Inventive and Mesmerizing
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Friday's got us like ✨

Photo of the Day: Pacific Northwest Ballet's Angeli Kiana Mamon-Urrea (photo by Jason Lavengood Portraits)
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When you combine Michelle Dorrance / Dorrance Dance and Works & Process at the Guggenheim, it's bound to be magical: [ Link ]

(photo via the Guggenheim)

WATCH: Michelle Dorrance Is a Choreographer and a Composer
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You must see this Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater tribute to Moonlight: [ Link ]

WATCH: Ailey Pays Tribute to Moonlight In This Moving Short Film
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From FIRST POSITION: A Ballet Documentary to now, Aran Bell has grown into quite the dancer. Click here for an exclusive interview: [ Link ]
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Photo of the Day: American Ballet Theatre's Cassandra Trenary (photo by Karolina Kuras)
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How to tell if your self-criticism has crossed the line: [ Link ]

The Perfectionism Problem
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Photo of the Day: Madeline DeVries (photo by Zachariah Epperson)
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In need of a video break? We've got you covered: [ Link ]

WATCH: Jason Samuels Smith Is So Many #Goals
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Larsen Thompson + Free People is the perfect combo. See for yourself: [ Link ]

WATCH: Larsen Thompson Gets Down in This Casually Perfect Free People Spot
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Get to know this talented young tapper: [ Link ]

You Should Know: Emma Wylie
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Need a last minute Valentine? We've got you covered.
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Love is all you need ❤

Photo of the Day: Macyn Vogt (photo by Peter Hinsdale)
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Throwing it back this #ValentinesDay to our November 2015 cover stars (and one of our favorite dance couples!), Keone & Mari: [ Link ]

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Photo of the Day: Sara Michelle Murawski (photo by Vikki Sloviter Photography)
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Time for a dose of #MondayMotivation: [ Link ]