Studio makeovers, renovations, complete build-outs—how did they do it? Our new monthly column Studio Style gives you all the answers. From rental units to brand-new structures, starter studios to dream studios, studio owners share their design choices, construction obstacles, and advice.

Photo courtesy of Melissa Cottreau, Art in Motion Academy of Dance.
Studio makeovers renovations complete buildoutshow did they do it Our new monthly
Celebrate Dance Studio Life's 13th anniversary with our upcoming July issue! We’ve got several new columns that we’re excited to share with you, including Competition Zone and Studio Style.

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Celebrate Dance Studio Lifes 13th anniversary with our upcoming July issue Weve
I.D.E.A. is excited to invite you to our first Canadian business development seminar. Open to all studio owners and their management team. August 12 & 13 in Mississauga, Ontario. Book early to guarantee your spot.
IDEA is excited to invite you to our first Canadian business development

I.D.E.A. Canadian Business Development Seminar
Everybody needs to dance once in a while :-)
Harry Bryce
Our preschool through 10-year-olds are the foundation for our success. The Back to Basics retreats are the perfect opportunity for you and your faculty to refresh and renew your curriculum, while you build camaraderie with your teachers. Be sure to check out our group discounts. [ Link ]
Our preschool through 10yearolds are the foundation for our success The Back

Dance Teacher Retreats: 2 "Back to Basics" Options
No, you're not seeing double, but clearly there is a lot of talent here! Tap your way into the new week
Dance Studio Life Magazine
Julia Ionadi
Raquel Meza
Dance Teacher Network is pleased to announce DTNCon 2017! Yes, it's really happening! DTNCon 2017August 19-20Lou Conte Dance StudioChicago, Illinois Featured guest speaker: Rhee Gold! Other faculty include:Julie Kay Stallcup - preschool danceJoey Hernandez - contemporary/improvManual Lukky Harvey -…
Dance Studio Life Magazine 06/19/2017

DTNCon 2017
In a previous sit down with Rhee Gold, master teacher, Roni Mahler, shares how in teaching dance one must have empathy. Her insight into both the teacher and student helps any dance educator to see the love and patience required to share this gift.
In a previous sit down with Rhee Gold master teacher Roni Mahler

Roni Interview
Ginny Shank
Janine Fraser
Janet Stahle
The San Francisco Ballet's recent video reminds all of us yet again of the importance of supporting the arts in all its expressions. Share with us the impact dance has had on your life.
Mix incredible tap skill with a group of people just having a good time and then you have entertainment! How cool is that? #tapdance #entertainment
Debbie Spoonemore Parker
Joann Hill
Wendy Coulson
Coming this August!! Rhee Gold is joining successful I.D.E.A. members and dance school owners for the first ever I.D.E.A. Regional Business Development Seminar in Canada to share their business ideas, creative tips and innovative programs. Rebecca Brettingham-Filice, Tom Carter, Nicole Garland June Lawrence and Lee Newman will present on various trending topics in the business of dance. Check...
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Coming this August Rhee Gold is joining successful IDEA members and dance
Rebecca Brettingham-Filice
Hello I.D.E.A. Members,
3 Months in the Making! I am excited to announce a brand new series of E-learning seminars exclusive to I.D.E.A. members. Every day in June there will be a new seminar that will be posted on both the I.D.E.A. Member site and on this page (I.D.E.A. Members United Facebook page). A PDF download of the calendar of events, seminar descriptions and special speakers is...
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Hello IDEA Members 3 Months in the Making I am excited to

Education Explosion - 30 Days of Content
And we are thankful for all the dance educators who allow students everywhere to be confident, happy and courageous enough to express themselves. Keep up the amazing work!
And we are thankful for all the dance educators who allow students
Studio owner and cancer survivor, Michelle Rogers, is proof that dance changes the world. With the help of many in her studio family and the surrounding communities, she has sponsored a yearly event to benefit young dancers struggling to defeat cancer for good! Watch this inspiring story and consider how your school may be able to help I'm A Dancer Against Cancer.
Want to witness the way in which dance makes a difference in peoples' lives? Learn more about I'm A Dancer Against Cancer and the many young dancers they have helped in their battles against this terrible disease.
Rhee Gold shares information about the upcoming "Back to Basics" retreat at the DanceLife Retreat Center, July 10-13. The focus is on preschool and children's curriculum. Refresh and renew your recreational curriculum, while you rejuvenate your dance teacher spirit. | 508.285.6650 (EST).
Patricia Dwyer
When Your Studio Needs More Room, Should You Rearrange, Renovate, Or Relocate? #dancestudiolife #dancebusiness #studiospace
When Your Studio Needs More Room Should You Rearrange Renovate Or Relocate

May-June 2017 | The Space Race | Dance Studio Life
A great video from Royal Academy of Dance to share with all students reminding them that dance is for everyone and breaks the barriers that can hold us back. Dare to dance; dare to dream! Happy Sunday!
Lori Bregoliss
Catherine Paull
This young man shows that passion has no gender and can break any stereotypes and barriers. Dance truly does change everything!
Sarah Grosko
Loria M. Morales-Rivera
Kathy Malczak-Plutt
Jeremy Sonstroem
Louanne Courtright
Jeremy Sonstroem