Daniel Andrews
03/01/2017 at 07:14. Facebook
I'm disappointed to hear that the Victorian Liberal Party support the cuts to Sunday and public holiday penalty rates. They confirmed it earlier today.

I do wonder if the Liberal Leader realises that his seat of Bulleen is home to the highest percentage of retail and hospitality workers in Melbourne.

He should head down to Westfield Doncaster this Sunday and tell hard working locals why he...
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Victorian Liberal Party Backs Penalty Rate Cuts

Daniel Andrews
03/01/2017 at 01:39. Facebook
Where is the country's craft beer capital?

It's not Fremantle.

It's not Byron Bay.

It's in a city right here in Victoria - and our new 'Australian Craft Beer Centre of Excellence' makes it official.

And this isn't just some title. It comes with a new brewery, a tasting bar, teaching and function areas, and 25 new local jobs.

We're proud to back it.

Where is Australia's Craft Beer Capital?

Daniel Andrews
yesterday at 20:45. Facebook
Very proud of this.

Today, our world-first laws come into effect - allowing Victorians conceived by donors the right to know who that donor is.

Finally, people like Katherine will be able to put together a complete picture of who they are.
Daniel Andrews
02/27/2017 at 21:33. Facebook
Paramedics face violence 5,000 times a year.

We're prepared to try everything we can to make them safe.

Including this:
Daniel Andrews
02/27/2017 at 01:28. Facebook
Humans have clustered around the Yarra for 40,000 years.

But soon after Melbourne was founded, we turned our backs on it.

We poisoned our river and left it to die.

How could we have been so careless with our main natural artery, and our primary source of drinking water?

Around the 1970s, Melbourne eventually rediscovered the Yarra and we turned to face it once again.

After decades of hard...
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Melbourne's Yarra River to be protected by new legislation

Daniel Andrews
02/26/2017 at 01:18. Facebook
Two more level crossings on their way to the scrap heap.
Daniel Andrews
02/24/2017 at 01:24. Facebook
Daniel Andrews
02/23/2017 at 01:12. Facebook
Life for young people in 2017 = shaky casual shifts, insecure work, and the possibility of never owning a home.

So what do the Liberals do to make things easier?

They attack young people’s penalty rates, again and again and again.

Today’s ruling is shocking – so shocking that even the Liberals will try and wash their hands of it.

Don’t let them.

They’ve been laying the groundwork for this...
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Penalty rates for Sunday, holiday work to be slashed

Daniel Andrews
02/22/2017 at 20:45. Facebook
Big news.

Our first crop of medicinal cannabis has been harvested.

Next comes testing. Then production. Then it can make its way to the children who need it.

I know how long families have been waiting.

This can't come soon enough.

Victoria's First Batch Of Locally Grown Medicinal Cannabis Is Ready For Harvest

Daniel Andrews
02/22/2017 at 01:20. Facebook
In just 20 words, Sebastian from St Albans sums up precisely why we are removing 50 dangerous and congested level crossings.

"The other night, peak hour, I did the right turn that used to take me 30 minutes...in one minute."

Somebody needs to put that quote on a t-shirt.
Back in 2014, a 2000-dish solar plant was proposed near Mildura.

But the company ended up walking away, because the Liberals were threatening renewable energy and all the jobs that go with it.

Today, things have changed.

Here in Victoria, we now have a government that believes in renewables, and large-scale solar plants are back on the drawing board.

These plants up near Mildura will put...
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After years of promises, Victoria to get its first large-scale solar plants

Attention Cheltenham and Mentone.

Here's what Charman Rd, Park Rd and Balcombe Rd will look like once the level crossings are gone.

New stations, new jobs, no more bottlenecks - and construction starts in 2018.
In Victoria, there is one law for all.

In Victoria, everyone has a right to belong.

In Victoria, everyone has to play their part and contribute to our society.

These values are not negotiable.
Yesterday, the Turnbull Government accused us of running a 'scare campaign.'

But all we're doing is telling the truth.

Kinder funding is in danger, and if the Liberals walk away from their agreement, then our kids will lose the equivalent of one day of funded kinder a week - which is something that so many parents rely upon.

We absolutely cannot let this happen.

I could talk for weeks...
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PETITION: Mr Turnbull, don't cut our kids' kinder

"Without this drug, I probably wouldn't be here."

Our medical researchers think they may be close to a cure for melanoma.

And we're providing them $20 million so it can be developed right here in Victoria.
We've all squeezed into a busy carriage at some stage and thought:

"...why can't they just make the trains bigger?"

Well, I can tell you that our new trains are going to be so big that we have to extend the platforms at 18 stations.

We literally have to replace 70 kms of overhead wires just to pump enough electricity to power them.

There'll be 20 per cent more room on every train - and...
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Is there anyone braver than a two-year-old survivor of brain cancer?

I can't begin to imagine life in Zach's shoes - and he still has to undergo a whole lot of daunting hospital procedures on a regular basis.

So the Monash Children's Hospital came up with an incredible idea...

Instead of sitting in a daunting hospital room for hour-long ultrasounds, Zach can now get them in outer-space, or...
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It's a world-first.

A road safety education centre designed to teach young people about the consequences of their actions behind the wheel.

The fact is, people aged 18 to 25 make up one fifth of deaths on our roads.

Parents and teachers out there - what advice do you have for young drivers?
These guys are getting it done.

They’re standing inside one of the giant beams that will carry the weight of hundreds of trains above the ground every single day.

This is our plan for the Cranbourne-Pakenham Line – Victoria’s busiest train corridor.

Soon there will be no more level crossings between Caulfield and Dandenong, 11 MCG’s worth of more open space in its place – and a new rail...
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Better Public Transport, Less Congestion, More Jobs

A World's Most Liveable morning to you.