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Daniel Andrews
today at 05:31. Facebook
Daniel Andrews
today at 00:31. Facebook
Back-to-kinder checklist:

- Lunch box
- Change of clothes
- Water bottle
- Shoes
- Immunisations

Children will now need a record of vaccination to be enrolled at kinder and childcare.

We make no apologies for that – because the health of our kids has to come first.
Daniel Andrews
yesterday at 00:36. Facebook
This is what the Prime Minister thinks the east coast looks like.

Victoria is getting ripped off by Canberra, again and again and again.

Tell the Liberals: we demand our fair share.
Daniel Andrews
01/16/2017 at 00:51. Facebook
From today, two streets in the CBD will be closed for many years.

Yep, you read that correctly. Years, not days.

We're blocking off sections of Franklin and A'Beckett streets, and digging down eleven storeys to build the Metro Tunnel.

Disruption, yes. But Australia's biggest public transport project is worth it.

Thanks for your patience, everyone.

(And we'll work with Google Maps so...
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Daniel Andrews
01/15/2017 at 01:29. Facebook
The Swan Street Bridge is a traffic nightmare.

Here's how we'll make things easier for the 30,000 vehicles that use it every day.
Daniel Andrews
01/13/2017 at 00:31. Facebook
Here's our promise:

If you're a young, aspiring farmer and you want to stay on the land, then we want to help you.

The other day, we presented a dozen scholarships to young farmers.

One of the recipients was Benjamin Way, who produces free-range eggs in the Macedon Ranges with a focus on animal welfare.

With his scholarship, he'll study disease control and buy some tools for the farm.

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Young Farmers Given Opportunity To Thrive

Daniel Andrews
01/12/2017 at 01:18. Facebook
A little while ago, a house in Footscray went up for auction.

It was quoted at $1 million. It sold for more than $2.1 million.

The agents described this kind of behaviour as "a little marketing ploy we do" to "get people through the door".

Well, I've got another name for it: illegal.

If you deliberately lowball the value of a property and make it harder for families to find the right home,...
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Two more agencies admit underquoting

Daniel Andrews
01/11/2017 at 20:31. Facebook
One in six Australian students show signs of depression. A quarter are overweight or obese. There are ten thousand teenage pregnancies a year.

Statistics like these aren't good enough – so it's time to try something new.

Our Doctors in Schools program starts in just a couple of weeks.

When it's all up and running, GPs will be present at 100 secondary schools across the state, providing...
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A tablet, taken once a day, that can melt away certain kinds of cancer.

It might sound like a pipe dream, but it's real, it works – and it was developed right here in Victoria.

Congratulations to everyone at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute who made this breakthrough possible.

Hope for leukaemia patients after cancer-melting drug approved by TGA

It predates the Pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge and the Great Wall of China – and it's right in our backyard.

You might not know it, but Budj Bim is a great Victorian treasure.

Home to the Gunditjmara people for more than 6,000 years, it could soon be named one of the most important heritage sites on earth.

It's a living testament to the age of our ancient continent – and its first inhabitants.

Indigenous owners hope ancient eel traps will be recognised as world heritage

Says it all, really.
Extreme demolition.

Goodbye, old Heatherdale Station.

Hello, something bigger and better.

We're getting it done.
Mari-Claire was just six weeks into her lease when the owner sold the place.

Stories like this tell us why tenants feel powerless.

Some are dealing with unfair rent rises and 'surprise' inspections. Others have to tolerate shoddy repairs, bad plumbing and faulty electrics.

Part of the problem is that the laws for tenants and landlords in this state haven't been updated for 20 years.

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Look at this little guy.

In the middle of summer, you just can't be leaving your pets in the car like this.

Not even for a minute.

A few weeks ago, I posted a video here about the danger of leaving kids in hot cars, and some people commented that our campaign efforts should include pets as well.

They were right.

I'm proud to tell you that we've given RSPCA inspectors and government...
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More Powers To Crackdown On Pets In Hot Cars

This is a public service announcement:

There is a giant inflatable water slide at Federation Square.

Slide The Square To Beat The Heat This Summer

Eight months ago, our cat Smokey went missing.

A few hours ago, the RSPCA gave us a call to say she'd been found.

And this is the moment of reveal.

(The kids had no idea.)

Smokey was a few suburbs away from the house, shaken and skinny and stressed – but unhurt.

We don't know what she's been up to. But we do know she's home.

Thanks to the RSPCA and a good samaritan for giving us the best...
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Kids at school on a hot, dry day in a fire-prone area.

Just imagine that.

It's what so many families have to deal with every summer.

In those situations, we have to do everything we can to keep children safe.

So we're upgrading bushfire shelters at 200 schools in high-risk areas across the state.

Water tanks, sprinklers, gutter guards, fire shutters on doors and windows – right down to...
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Making Victorian Schools Better Prepared For Bushfires

Some parents think they have the luxury of choosing whether or not to vaccinate their child.

Sonny's parents never got that choice.

Their boy can't get vaccinated due to a rare blood disorder – and his own health relies on others being protected from disease.

Today, I can tell you the Victorian Government will start running some advertisements about vaccinations – and Sonny's story is one...
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Here's a holiday horror story.

Someone booked a house on the Mornington Peninsula through a travel website, and paid upfront and in full.

But something wasn't right.

The booking got declined.

They got the run around.

Turns out the 'holiday home' was actually the address of a veterinary clinic.

Thankfully, they made a fraud claim and got their money back – but not in time to save their...
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Do Your Homework For A Happy Holiday

Here are some things we'll be getting on with in 2017:

1) We'll start removing even more level crossings than we did last year – because these deathtraps have got to go.

2) Many of our new schools and school buildings are opening. The Education State is coming together.

3) The first of our 450 new paramedics will head out on the road – because even though response times are at their best in...
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