Daniel Bongino
03/23/2017 at 15:32. Facebook
I don't care what percentage of illegal immigrants go on to commit other crimes, the FACT of the matter is that 100% should not be in the country at all. I discussed this topic this morning on Fox and Friends.
Daniel Bongino
03/22/2017 at 18:25. Facebook
Well well well, isn't this just fascinating?

So, to be clear, is the Dems' new position that surveilling political opponents during campaigns is okay as long as we call it "incidental"?

BOMBSHELL: Trump team surveilled during Obama admin, says House Intel chair

Don't miss Michelle Malkin's new CRTV episode about the damage the open-borders crowd is inflicting on the American workforce.
I wrote this piece about the Secret Service a while ago but, after the recent security lapses at the White House, it's worth revisiting.

Why the Secret Service is such a mess

Can someone please explain to me why in hades we are sending nearly a half a billion tax dollars, taken largely from middle-class, working Americans, to PBS and NPR so that wealthy elites and their kids can watch Big Bird?

I'm sorry but it's time for stuff like this to be scrapped. Big Bird will be fine on his own.

Trump is right to cut PBS/NPR funding. It's just elitist propaganda anyway

Breaking: The White House fence jumper was on the complex for over 15 mins. Here's the latest from my contacts.
Wait, we thought the GOP stood for responsible government spending and debt and deficit reduction.

Fooled again!

Trump's Steep Cuts Face Rebuff in Congress Even With GOP Control

Can we all stop pretending that the 9th Circuit is a real court? It's a bunch of politicians in black robes, nothing more.

Federal judge in Hawaii puts Trump travel ban on hold

BREAKING: Donald Trump paid tens of millions in taxes while MSNBC & Rachel Maddow may be complicit in a federal felony.
This Planned Parenthood representative cannot answer the simple question "does abortion end a life?"

If abortion doesn't end a life then what does it do?

Stumped! Planned Parenthood VP Can’t Say If Abortion ‘Ends’ a Life

Seriously, it must be tough-guy week on Twitter. This Never-Trump, fake-news, champion writes for the The Daily Beast and has deluded himself into believing that I can be intimidated. Funny stuff.
Unbelievable. This is how a hack POLITICO "reporter," who never wore a badge, or put his life on the line, responded to a supporter of mine on Twitter regarding my Secret Service career. Disgusting.
No one explains liberal ideology, and the messes it causes, better than Mark Levin. His books are Ph.D courses in conservatism and I've learned something profound from every one.
Pre-order your copy today of his latest book "Rediscovering Americanism" today. I just did.

Pre-order Price Guarantee. | Rediscovering Americanism: And the Tyranny of Progressivism

Sadly, after this latest fence-jumper, President Trump is not safe in the White House anymore.
Loretta Lynch has a world of explaining to do about #Obamagate. Check out my latest video commentary:
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The NY Slimes gets busted trying to rewrite history and, in the process, discredits its OWN reporting. These hacks are never to be trusted, they are not a serious news-outlet.

FISA-gate: The Times Revises History in Real Time

After 8 dreadful years of Obamanomics, and its terrible job growth, Trump gets in office and, in just one month, job growth EXPLODES.

Now sit back and enjoy as your liberal friend's heads explode as they frantically try to explain away the fantastic economic optimism surveys and job-growth numbers since Trump took office.

Trump's first full month brings employment boom: 298,000 new jobs

The NY Times on January 19, 2017: The White House knows about wiretaps.

The NY Times today: The wiretaps are conservative conspiracy theories.
The former Obama administration is in shock. They neither planned for a Trump victory, nor for their dirty laundry to air. Do not miss my show today where I discuss what's really going on with the Trump-Russia story.

The real scandal behind the Trump-Russia story – Renegade Republican Ep409

Here's what I think the media is missing and what could be going on with this wire-tapping of Trump Tower story. A former Secret Service agent's perspective.