Daniel Ricciardo
01/12/2017 at 14:14. Facebook

Daniel Ricciardo and I at the Welcome to the ???? party ????????

Dan spoke of the importance to not bottle things up and reaching out.

Live, breathe, embrace; ????????????

????: Enriched By Light Photography
Been getting after it all week. Only the beginning
39 degrees. Jumper on. Day 2 of the quest complete.
I've acquired a taste for salmon on a bagel with the capers on a square plate #carjams
If you don't know by now you should probably get familiar thanks for recognising Autosport
Caught up beachside with this ledge yesterday doing some work with our friends TFS Corporation
#TBT to some fun I had away from the track over the season
FIA Gala last night. 3rd for #3. Proud as punch but not gonna lie Nico's trophy looks better
Where do I start. First things first, amazing job all year by the team Red Bull Racing. From where we were last year, it's been awesome to be part of the progress. Reliability was better than anyone else on the grid, another huge step forward so hats off to everyone's hard work. It certainly showed his year. Grateful to have had the podiums and all the highs we did, it's been a fun 2016 and...
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