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People of New York!
Come join us on Saturday the 10th of December for a nice chilled evening with some of the sweetest sounds on the Eastern Sea board...
Please share with your friends if you think they would also enjoy xx

Flower of Life - CD release party

EVENT - facebook.com
Myself and Dan Mulqueen are to play in the basement at Ron's house...
Here's the link to view...
Is it working?

P.s. Dan here is a killa Handpan player, who I feel should be playing AFTER me, not before....

Cheers to Ron for facilitating

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Huge shout out to my new friend in Nairobi, Charles Nyok... I'm so pleased to know my music has made its way to you safely and I'm enthused with energy every time I learn of someone far away receiving my music
Where are you listening in from?
Want to receive your own hard copy of my albums ?
Check this site here:
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There are so many things wrong with this table I don't know where to start....
@novarflip counts it out for all to see...
@kevthepoet reminds us what were made of...
@mcangeluk brings us back to the oneness...
@jazkahina shares her methods...
I'd be interested to know your views on something... Please check this out: "The Age of Aluminium" on YouTube [ Ow.ly Link ]

The Age of Aluminium - YouTube

@iamlostsouljah stating it as it is...
Super limited space available for this here event in DEC 3rd in Wyndmoor, PA...
If your local and interested, give us a shout!

Daniel Waples and Dan Mulqueen - Underground at Ron's

EVENT - facebook.com
Thankyou @malaika_sarda for spending the time drawing my face :) I feel all nostalgic about my hair for soe m reason when I see this...
It's amazing how you bring about so much positivity and peace with your music. Its for the soul. Thankyou! ❤ (@hanginbalance)
My mate Mark is going to give this handpan away to someone in support of Cancer Research! - check the link for more info:
Time to find out how much Neanderthal DNA I'm carrying...
'An attitude of gratitude brings great things' ~ Yogi Bhajan
NYC, we will play at least one set in December!
(Update, James just had a nasty bicycle accident... looks like our next show together will be in India during January... wishing you a speedy recovery James)
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Sams Dance - The Hang Drum Project - filmed in rural India [HD]

New Album - FLOW - Now available to stream/download via this link: https://thehangdrumproject.bandcamp.com/album/flow Daniel Waples & James Winstanley met in...

Inspired by his recent trip to Peru, Daniel Waples - Hang in Balance, world travelling Handpan player, stenciled his Evatek case with our Peruvian Shipibo Stencil. Find our Small Craft Stencils here: [ Cuttingedgestencils.com Link ]

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Again I will be joining Susanna Raeven on stage for her CD release party... This time on the 17th of December in NYC...

Flower of Life - Second CD release party

EVENT - facebook.com
I'm super happy to announce that I'll be supporting Susanna Raeven on stage at her CD release party in New York on the 10th of December...
If you'll be local, click the link for details :)

Flower of Life - CD release party

EVENT - facebook.com
Apparently 'Red'uns go faster...