I still don't have a name for this riff.... What do you think I should call it?
What do you believe?
Here's a fun track that uses a sample of my playing... What do you think?

Parallells - Steel Tribes feat Daniel Waples (incl. Joep Mencke Remix)

Over the years I have had an amazing opportunity to meet many cool people during my travels, here are a few clips from some of those meetings...
I have also recently been refining my YouTube channel playlists, here is one of them!
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Amazing dance music by Daniel Waples and Montry Thaalavattam at the Griasdi Handpan Gathering 2016.

Montry Thaalavattam: [ Facebook.com Link ]
Griasdi Handpan Gathering: [ Facebook.com Link ]
Youtube Video Link: [ Youtube.com Link ]
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Obviously it was such an honour to play at the wedding ceremony, but I also learnt the importance of explaining that I need a Mic stand whilst playing and not just a Mic 'holder' ;) cheers Parth! You saved the day bro ;)
No need for a backing track here! Thank you everyone who came out to dance with us at the Grisadi HandPan Festival in Austria and especially to Martin who facilitated such an epic event! @montrythaalavattam & I had ALL the fun partying with you guys!
Here is a snippet from the awesome Griasdi HandPan Festival that I had the joy of playing at last year with Montry Thaalavattam...

To reach this festival we had traveled through no less than 5 countries in the previous 48 hours...
We had played a huge festival the evening before in Romania, during those two days we had also passed through Germany, Bulgaria and Turkey before reaching...
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Daniel Waples & Montry Thaalavattam live @ Griasdi HandPan Festival - Austria 2016

Daniel Waples & Montry Thaalavattam perform live at the Griasdi HandPan festival as part of their European tour - Summer 2016. Having played a festival in Ro...

Thankyou for working today brother @glaciertracks #somewhereovertherainbow #amplificationofvibration
It's hard to believe that I've been beating these piano woks for ten years!
This picture was snapped sometime in 2007 whilst I was out playing on the Millennium Bridge, the only pedestrian walkway over the River Thames in London...
I'm super grateful to the multiverse for everything that has been put before me and the journeys that I have been on during this time, but one thing I really see is...
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I was blown away by these guys skills on stage and honoured to have spent time with them hanging during the event... I came away from the Minnesota Percussion Association's, Day of Percussion completely inspired and ready to turn 2017 into the best year yet! Sooooo many amazing seeds are germinating!
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Had a great time hanging with @amiroosman and...
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Today I had the honour of being a clinic facilitator at the Minnesota Percussion Association - Day of Percussion...
It's such a blessing to be able to share my story and some tales surrounding the HandPan... keep that
Marina has done it again!
It's such an honoured to be able to see how others see me in their own art... Check out her other works over here:
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close-up + some coloring :) #fanart
Throw back style photo to a time that I was in some town on the outskirts of Beijing and met this nice fellow....
Happy Holidays and Merry New year to you all, from my friend Rob's log pile in West Virginia
Wishing you a prosperous winter xx
Well, I will be turning 33 years young on the first day of January and on the New years evening I'll be joining in the celebrations and playing a short set in Princeton West Virginia!

4th Annual Downtown Countdown

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Well today is officially the first day of winter in the northern hemisphere and my yearly royalties have just been paid out... Seems I can just about afford an entire pizza this year and not just a slice!
It's nice to be nice...
2017 is just around the corner and I'm planning to create you guys so much more fun content...
There are a few ways I intend to do be doing this, if your interested I can share more...
What do you say?

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ORBI Prime: The First 360 Video Recording Eyewear

This pan is about to leave my possession, it will now travel to Dubai to meet it's new owner... But before it goes... One last play... ????