A few years ago whilst at a sky diving 'boogie' in Brno, in had the honour of sharing a dorm room with this daredevil on the right.... it's been more than amazing to follow his flight ever since! Go @vincereffet go!
I intend to make my first facebook live stream soon.. What time and day would suit you best? Please let me know (including your time zone!)
This picture was taken just over half of my life ago! When I was only 16 years young... I was a frustrated and depressed teenager working late nights in a seaside resort on the east coast of England, dreaming of becoming who I am today.
The road has been very long to date, with uncountable sacrifices along the way, ans yet whilst I'm still working of the finer details, it is with the support...
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The irony of modern day city life..
Hi all :)
I want to keep creating high end, fun videos for you guys...
The support you all have shown me over the years is what has been keeping me afloat in this world of changing times & I wish to keep giving more and more back!
This said, I am now thinking to set up a project on this platform so I can invite you to work closer with me on my future projects :)

Your support will really...
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What is Patreon?

http://patreon.com - Patreon is empowering a new generation of creators. Support and engage with artists and creators as they live out their passions! We wan...

It wasn't until around 2007 (5 years after handpans were first revealed to the world) that anyone knew that about this technique... It is very similar to how a singing bowl resonates when rubbed around the rim or a string sings when bowed...
Oooh New York.... For so many reasons I resonate with this city...
Miguel here now plays handpan, he also blows glass... check out his page here: @formglass
New content collaborations for the YouTube channel coming up.... HUGE thankings to Joergen & Julia @Konceptvr for setting up and shooting the footage today & I'm seriously looking forward to seeing what Chris @_mettle will get up to with this media.... And huge big up to @YouTube_NYC for facilitating this project! Bless
My last ever Terrapan... Not on me of my signatures, but a very fun scale that is best known as C pentatonic...
What should I do with it?
This pan deserves a retune
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9 Albums to stream and download, almost all for free/donation...

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"They called me Cairo. We were teenage gang members, all viewed as social outcasts until Shell took an interest in us and our music. They gave us barrels and money and made the music happen."

Hear him tell his story:
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So for the sake of transparency.... In the past 28 days, I've had over 1/4 millions views on my YouTube uploads, which equates to over 500 days worth of real time play or almost 3/4 of a million minutes.... Now.... How much do you think that is worth in ad revenue?
It's always a pleasure to touch new pans as they are freshly finished, and this one has been beautifully born by my good mate Jon, known as @aura_handpan