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i bought some polar bear cakes and accidentally stuck my thumb in one

now they look exactly like my profile pic vs. tagged photos
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i didn't quite die for your sins but i have died internally for your entertainment - [ Twitter.com Link ]
‪i bought a 'build your own terrarium' as i thought it'd be relaxing but the rope snapped when i tried to hang it up ‬

‪a metaphor for my life‬
want an intimate hour with dan every tuesday? well from now on my younow live shows will be uploaded to danisnotinteresting each week so we can hang out whenever you want! [ Youtube.com Link ]

if you haven't watched my live streams before you should check them out as they're casual opinionated and occasionally turn into inspirational speeches i hope you're having a nice day

Hibernation Memes and Memories - Dan's Live Chat 10/01/2017

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to everyone asking if i went to a wild new year's eve party:

i spent three hours making an iron bead rapidash
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THE TRUE PACIFISTS - Dan and Phil play: Undertale #10 (THE END)

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ho ho hello
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