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there i was sat feeling all cozy under my furry blanket and phil says 'you look like a sad pimp' thanks mate
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Dan and Phil PASTEL EDITS IN REAL LIFE [ Youtube.com Link ]

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when ur piano teacher is a literal nightmare [ Twitter.com Link ]
a story about dreams and how they get crushed and die - MY EVIL PIANO TEACHER

leave a comment about a traumatising teacher experience you've had so i can feel better about myself
‪this is how a danisnotonfire video is written apparently‬

‪(thanks AmazingPhil for the creep shot of my creative process)‬
‪i was trying to take aesthetic photos of nature and fell down a hill

okay i get the message i'll stay inside ‬
my ass just got stuck in a kids rocket ride i guess i'm officially too big to have fun
i bought some polar bear cakes and accidentally stuck my thumb in one

now they look exactly like my profile pic vs. tagged photos
i didn't quite die for your sins but i have died internally for your entertainment - [ Twitter.com Link ]
‪i bought a 'build your own terrarium' as i thought it'd be relaxing but the rope snapped when i tried to hang it up ‬

‪a metaphor for my life‬
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Hibernation Memes and Memories - Dan's Live Chat 10/01/2017

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to everyone asking if i went to a wild new year's eve party:

i spent three hours making an iron bead rapidash