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Dannie Riel
01/16/2017 at 20:12. Facebook
Serving you your Monday Head Butt. Ha ha... I thought it was funny.
Dannie Riel
01/15/2017 at 19:48. Facebook
Casual weekend at ❣home w/ bad bitches in MY bed cause I got a fucking problem #lovebadbitches #dontyou
Dannie Riel
01/13/2017 at 18:19. Facebook
Le 1st Celfié of #2017 !!
I'm thinking of breaking my silence on #snapchat today... What you think?
❄ADD #dannieriel ⬅
How many clips does it take?
The things you take for granted, someone else in the world is praying for.
Don't use a holiday that comes once a year to give light to things you should be thankful for in life
Trust me when I say, I will never take your love & support for granted
#ilysm #thankful #selflove #taketime #travel #eat #relax
Hours before 1⃣7⃣
YOU and I are going out to eat --which meal of the day would you want; breakfast lunch or dinner and what would we EAT?! I'm in bed starving right now... ☕
#buffettime #feedme #letseat #starvinmarvin #champagnebrunch #champagnelunch ?
(ps. Dress is from @bebe_stores in case my girlies were curious!)
You don't need a new year to start to set goals or become a better You! Everyday you get a new start!
My time is being invested in growth. I don't expect people to understand what I'm up to. Eventually you'll see ????
#iloveyouguyssomuch #TeamDannieRiel
#HappyNewYears #2017
Hope ya'lls have a prosperous New Year and your 2017 doesn't SUCK...
I know y'all been wondering about my absence on social media and what's been going on in my life.. But I'm well and healthy now..
So Double Tap, Subscribe to my YouTube page and follow me on snap because I got chu in my sights
Thank you SOOO much for all your concerns and support. I love you all so so much, thanks for keeping me strong by never leaving me side
Come out this Saturday #VANCOUVER
That feeling knowing you've got the @kyliecosmetics lipkit
Thanks @stylemelouey @serenadao_mua
Last night was freal so lit VANCOUVER!! Best night I've hosted thus far
...y'all might wanna check my #snapchat there is a lot of making out goin on....
Outfit @dresmi.apparel
Shoes @theshoeclosetsouthcenter
Hair @candicestyleshair
Makeup @serenadao_mua
Wrist icicle, ride dick bicycle
VANCOUVER (lol) party is Saturday, September 24 @venuelive is where we're partying. Yep ya heard!
Grab a table beside me n we'll take shots! www. venuelive.ca DO IT ????
#TheNiteShow @venueLIVE @lcunightlife @louisybanez
Come out this Saturday #VANCOUVER
#VANCOUVER I'm visiting y'all for the last time this year!!
You know I'm always out in the crowd kicking it so let's turn up!! M
Book your shit right now tho
•THIS Saturday at Venue Night Club -- Give me the rest of your 2016 lovin
#TheNiteShow @venueLIVE @lcunightlife @louisybanez
If you are feeling down, I can feel you up
Shiiiiit North Carolina was super dope!! Didn't know what to expect the turn out was super energetic ????
I def want to return and eat my way through your city soon
*Xoxox thanks for fking w/ me