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Danny Green
yesterday at 08:19. Facebook
This is not a party shot of everyone drunk n goin off!!! We just wrapped up a shoot.
Great day shooting the ad for @maineventtv with @richvhughes @paddymithen and the crew.
Cheers lads for a top day. Look forward to seeing the finished product. #maineventhavegonebig #willbearippongad #feb3itson
Danny Green
12/07/2016 at 05:30. Facebook
Shooting Main Event / fox ad for feb 3 scrap!!!! My girl makes a cameo. She's made for the camera.
Danny Green
12/06/2016 at 01:43. Facebook
Warming up on the treddy bfre blasting!
At 43 it's essential to get the engine warmed up before putting the pedal to the metal!!
#TDGfit #Invisigard
Danny Green
12/05/2016 at 10:39. Facebook
Getting ready to rip in!
Feb 3 is coming fast.
Danny Green
12/03/2016 at 05:23. Facebook
My man @angelohyder is making an incredible recovery after a near fatal accident on his property!!!
He came off second best with a felled tree the tuff bugger. Very glad he is alive.
Hopped in the car himself today after being released with no help after two major surgeries.
Ain't nutn holdn this stubborn beast back.
Here with Razor who flew out from Boston last Sunday in readiness for ...
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Danny Green
12/02/2016 at 05:49. Facebook
Out n about downtown Adelaide
Danny Green
12/02/2016 at 01:16. Facebook
Willunga beach South Aus. WOW!!
Danny Green
12/02/2016 at 01:05. Facebook
Was a pleasure meeting this bloody legend Andrew McCleod, @adelaide_fc all time champion @afl superstar.
Here with some of the crew from his indigenous program that he runs , with the boss @texwalka13 talking shop in the background.
Old Skool breathing exercises to blow the lungs
Catch of the Day!!!
Dropped my car keys down the drain at the shops!! F..n drain was 8 foot deep.
We pissed ourselves n went home n had dinner then came back armed with a few rods n a lure with a tri hook on it.
Torch lighting the drain up n my Rex hunt skills and FIRST GO!!! BOOM!!
My buddy Razor owes me a carton of cupcakes.
#highfivesallround #winning
Hitout complete with a few crusty buggers @bj35 @libs666 @bradleynorris n Hally, hot as heck n getting the work in for Feb 3.
Top work fellas, always makes going hard easier when peering over n seeing one of the lads charging on.
Time for a deluxe meal off of my #TDGfit program to replenish the stocks.
Have a great weekend people .
Missing this little bit of adrenalin!!! One more scrap to go n I'm searching!!!!
Mad way to stay fit n healthy also
After workout stretch. Vital.
Walking the dog is exercise!
Coupled with a solid and realistic nutrition plan that has real food, my health n fitness program #TDGfit is changing lives.
No need to burn your body to bits if you want to trim up n stay healthy, just get moving and eat right!!!
Matt Caterson I salute you champion!
46kg dropped in 18 months of doing my #TDGfit health n fitness program.
Was fantastic to meet you before my last fight and thankyou for sharing your photos. You prove my program is real and works, and all from eating real food.

#champion #lifechanged
Top #photobomb from my chiahuahua Rocky!
Kitchen Ninja!!! Very preoccupied with those strawberries for sweets!!!
Chicken breast/broccoli/sweet potatoe/strawberries. All loaded with protein and nutrients and carbs.
Compliment that with a hot water with squeezed lemon to help with digestion and you have yourself a very healthy and wholesome meal.
Nutrition is the most essential ingredient to health and fitness.
Check out my program...
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