Danny Green
02/22/2017 at 10:24. Facebook
Danny Green
02/20/2017 at 04:09. Facebook
Hayley our Head PT at Greenzone Warwick lost a bet and is paying up. We bet 12 eggs to be eaten raw. She lost and was not happy. I reduced it to 6. Still not happy. So I said 3 on live FB . Agreed. Still not happy hahahahaha let's see how it goes!!!
Danny Green
02/18/2017 at 06:45. Facebook
Thnx to Shane @getfit_fitness1 on Kingston st in the city of Adelaide who closed his gym up at nights for me to train in the last ten days before my fight.
Ripping facility with something for everyone - boxing for fitness classes upstairs and weights etc downstairs .
Appreciate the hospitality Shane and the top facility to train in.
This video taken at 735pm night of fight bfre leaving to go to the venue.
83.5kg. I only put on 600 grams more than 24 hrs after the weigh in. 600 grams!!!!!! The proof is on the date n time on the phone.

The 'f...en goose' parting shot is aimed at EVERYONE who said I would weigh 10kg more than that banana on fight night contrary to what I said which was the TRUTH.
He banged on for ten...
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Independant world leaders (Compu Box) in scoring of punches thrown/landed in a fight also have my fight against the whinging unsportsmanlike cheapshotting cat Mundine with me as the conclusive victor.

To the uneducated and ill informed who 'saw' it differently to the three judges- get someone to read you these pinpoint numbers- they don't lie.
My squeeze getting into the spirit!! #winnersaregrinners
Not even Tony Mundine could believe I made the weight and had to have a closer look. So how exactly did I do it? The same way I have my whole life, and you can too. It's easier than you think, check out
What an epic night.
What a beautiful high victory is.
Tough fight.
Great way to go out.
Thankyou to everyone who has supported me and wished me well. This one was for you.
Thanks to Ian Munro from @thewestaustralian for the great photo.
What's the bet that Greeny is dancing in the Changeroom?
#1 Fan
Greeny is in the bunker but we have his phone and will try and give you updates before he comes out. Hope you're enjoying the undercards so far, not long till showtime. @maineventtv
I am ready for battle.
This is what I love. This is true adrenaline.
My last dance.
To everyone who has supported me- thankyou.
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G'day everyone, weigh-in will be live here 12pm Adelaide Local time.
Nearly fight time!!! Sending a wave out to all my awesome @greenzonejoondalup @greenzonewarwick staff and members who I haven't seen for a while now since being in camp!! You guys rock n thnx heaps for the support, along with everyone.
@maineventtv #greenvmundine2
Presser for fight live now
Adelaide Oval, MAIN EVENT, Ticketek Australia
Team Danny Green [ Tdgfit.co Link ]
Breathing out here in between rounds of water work with the glare of the sun in my eyes, not pulling a 'wanker selfie face' that so many sad n f'd up people do.
I'm sending double shakas to all the people who support me and always send me well wishes. U guys rock.
Not long to go till I rock n roll.
@maineventtv #feb3
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