Danny Green
01/20/2017 at 07:17. Facebook
The man who has taught me so much in my life. Snowy (anyone who knows him well calls him this) has been my mate, my guide and most importantly my dad. Very lucky to still have him in our lives.
Taught me the most important thing in boxing, 'keep pumping your lead hand and make it crack!!'
Never been one to chip in , just solid as a rock and always by my side. Here after a solid hitout n 2...
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Danny Green
01/16/2017 at 12:02. Facebook
Can't wait to take the old girl for a run and stretch her legs when I get home!! #feb3 #adelaideoval tdgfit.co/2iFcQnM
Digging into a chicken pad thai as I continue my preparations for Feb 3. It's one of my fave recipes from my TDGfit program. Hard to believe but you can eat great food like this and still shed kgs just by sticking to the program.

For a limited time the recipe will be up on the TDGfit site for free. Download it here now: [ Tdgfit.co Link ]
Big thankyou to this lovely lady Marion McCormick who works with me on my @cowardspunchcampaign and also with my boxing and businesses, solid gold bird and luckily for her(well me too otherwise she'd a flown the coup) patient as heck n a great sense of humour. I do have a soft spot for the Irish too
A lot a mud flying around with stories in the media in Sydney in regards to my mate Belly (Anyhony Bell) and a break up with his wife Kel.
I have been asked numerous times to comment publicly about this and I called Belly to see if it was ok to support him. His immediate reply was 'no thankyou mate I'm just worried about Kel and my girls'.
I wish I had gone against his better judgement and...
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One of my sparring partners Ced Evans showing a clean set of hands!!!! #feb3 #greenvmundine2
Pool sesh after a big hitout. The importance of rest and recovery sessions is something that heaps of people overlook. They decide to take control of their health, go too hard too early n burn out in a few weeks. Eat well, train hard, rest, repeat. Feb 3 here I come!!

@adelaideoval @ticketekaustralia

4 beautiful weeks of slogging it out and intensity till showtime. @adelaideoval @ticketekaustralia
Gutless cowards attacking people for no reason and ruining so many lives your time is coming. NO ONE respects you, you are scum.
Thankyou to these three outstanding people for helping my Cowards Punch Campaign.
@jonathan16brown -AFL Legend
@markhuntfighter - UFC Warrior
Ben Roberts- Smith- Victoria Cross recipient.
Look out for the ad on tv across the nation.
A big thankyou to the networks and...
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To my buddy Anthony Bell and the crew from @perpetualloyal who took out this years Sydney to Hobart, one of the World's toughest open ocean races, a massive congrats on smashing the race record by 5 hours!!! Wild stuff. I was fortunate to compete on the same boat in 2009 and 2014, and were lifetime experiences I will never forget.
Was a pleasure training Belly for three weeks bfre I went into...
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Happy new year people.
#igotsomeresolutions #Feb3AdelaideOval @maineventtv #TDGfit
Happy NY everyone! Training hard n feel fitter than ever, sticking to my Program, shedding the kgs n eating tonnes of great food like this rippin chicken pasta bake for dinner. Yep, this is diet food on my TDGfit Program!

If you want the recipe for your dinner tonight, just email my support crew - info@teamdannygreen.com.au

Perth people!!!! This old boy is looking for a job. He sits here hour upon hour. Day after day. Near Royal st/Wanneroo rd intersection Yokine/Tuart Hill area.
He's not looking for a handout, he's looking for work.
Anyone who can help him out would be a bloody legend. There must be a tradie out there who can use a helping hand???
Thankyou for even considering helping out a bloke down on his...
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Angry face on after a solid hitout on the paddock. #TDGfit #Invisigard #Feb3AdelaideOval
My bro Bj giving the bag what for! #madbackup
What a pooch !
Shooting bud for my Feb 3 scrap at Adelaide Oval n my sweetheart casually joins in.
Bigups to all the ppl on my TDGfit Program who have shared their inspirational stories and are shedding the kgs, just like my prep for Feb 3. #tdgfit #itsonlikedonkeykong
How do you like your eggs?

What else do u do on Boxing Day in Australia??