Danone Nations Cup
02/16/2017 at 14:39. Facebook
We told you there would be lots of breaking news in 2017. The creation of an all-girl tournament and a Danone Nations Cup World Final 2017 to take place in…the United States! Ready for the amazing year to come? #DNC2017 #USA #BelieveInYourDreams
Danone Nations Cup
02/16/2017 at 14:38. Facebook
Breaking news! The Danone Nations Cup is launching in 2017 the first football tournament exclusively for U12 girls, starting with 8 participating countries! The World Final will take place on the same day and at the same location as the boys' tournament, in the USA! Ready for this major change? #DNC2017 #Girls #BelieveInYourDreams
Get ready for the Danone Nations Cup 2017, coming along with many surprises and anouncements and...a new champion!
#DNC2016 Final
Perfect video to end the 2016 year: relive the World Final between Germany and Japan in the Stade de France and find out how Germany became the World Champion!
cc Borussia Dortmund
#DNC2016 small final
Time to relive one of the most beautiful games of the edition in the crazy atmosphere of the Stade de France : Brazil vs Spain!
Congratulations to Spain, finishing 3rd!
cc Sevilla FC #BelieveInYourDreams
#DNC2016 Top 5 teams: time to relive the intense game for the 5th place: Argentina vs Poland. Argentina won after a great PSO session (6-5), well done!
cc C.A. Talleres #BelieveInYourDreams
#DNC2016 Top 10 teams: Switzerland and Senegal played for the 7th place in the Stade de France! Congratulations to Switzerland, winner 3-0!
cc FC Luzern
#DNC2016 Top 10 teams: watch the game for the 9th place between Morocco and Mexico! It reminds us of the DNC2015 final in Marrakech but this time Mexico won 3-0, congrats!
cc Club Pachuca Tuzos
Indonesia played against Tunisia in the Stade de France for the #DNC2016 11th place! Relive this great game and congrats Iindonesia, winner 1-0!
Today, it is time to watch again the game for the #DNC2016 13th place: South Africa vs Russia (1-1)! Congratulations to Russia, winner after an intense PSO session (1-3)!
Relive the #DNC2016 host country game in the Stade de France vs Uruguay! Crazy atmosphere with thousands of supporters! Congrats to France, winner 1-0 in front of the French ambassador Blaise Matuidi -Page Officielle-!
Austria and Canada played a great game in the Stade de France for the #DNC2016 17th place! Congratulations to Austria, winner 1-0.
Enjoy the game for the 19th place of the #DNC2016 World Final: Portugal South Korea! Congrats to Portugal, winner after a PSO session (5-4). Many thanks to the Portuguese ambassador Simao Sabrosa!
Time to find out the highlights of USA Netherlands (1-0), the game for the 21st place of the #DNC2016! Congrats USA and special thanks to the Netherlands ambassador Patrick Kluivert!
Today, it's time to relive a really intense #DNC2016 game: England and Romania played for the 23rd place! Congrats to Romania, winner after a great PSO (0-2) in the Stade de France!
Time today to watch the highlights of the #DNC2016 game for the 25th place between Belgium and Ukraine. Congratulations to the Belgian players, winners of the match!
The game for the #DNC2016 27th place took place between Algeria and China in the Stade de France! Relive this great time. #BelieveInYourDreams
Relive the #DNC2016 World Final game for the 31st place that took place in the Stade de France between Hungary and Italy!
Congratulations again to all the players!
Time today to congratulate once again our #DNC2016 World Final winner and best attack, Germany! First time for the country in the DNC history!
Which country will be next ? Get ready!
Congratulations again to team Japan that finished second of the #DNC2016 after a very impressive tournament in France! Well done!
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