Family ????
Reunited in heaven ❤❤❤
Thank you to Akshay Kumar for releasing the book #DeedaraAkaDaraSingh with so much of love and memories of the legend ! [ Link ]
Today we launched the Autobiography Of Shri Dara Singh ji with all your well wishes from the hands of someone whom he loved like a son Akshay Kumar . He did it with so much love and affection that it can't be described in words....eternally grateful.....from the Randhawa family.
Miss u dad ❤
Thank you GazabPost for this treasure !!!
We will keep the name and his simple principles alive book this November and the film next year
Deedara aka Dara Singh the book written by Seema sonik Alimchand , published by Westland, to be released this year on his birthday 19th November.
Remembered with love ❤
When brothers stay one the family is strong and these two Randhawa brothers Dara & Sardara Randhawa stuck together forever ! In death too they didn't waste much time to join each other in heaven ! May we all be lucky with our siblings like them ❤
Young fan ! Mr Gandhi
Thank you Sanjay for having a great collection of pictures of the great man and Randhawa uncle both brothers who loved one another and are blessed in heaven ! Dara Ji wrestling King Kong and after winning a match Kamran uncle proudly leading the winner Randhawa uncle ! For those who don't know Kamran uncle is Farah & Sajid Khans dad
A tribute to the legend paid by #SupremeSchool in #Jind #Haryana his autobiography Meri Aatmakatha is read by them and hope they imbibe some of his qualities and it helps them in life