An evening in paradise - #Darjeeling! Always welcome!
A beautiful day in #Darjeeling!
Wishing everyone Happy Holidays from #Darjeeling!
One of the oldest, non functional but still in our hearts - the goods ropeway in #Darjeeling! Can't something be done regarding this historical piece?
Overcast #Darjeeling, but cool as always!
An Evening in #Darjeeling!
Astounding Mirik! A great way to spend the day boating, riding a horse and of course see the fishes swim as you feed them. #Darjeeling #Mirik #sumendulake
If you have been to this spot, you know the view. Locals know it and always misses it when they are far away from home. For tourists, it's a view to marvel at, capture it and cherish the moment. View from Darjeeling Mall Road.
Sometimes the day reckons the night in such an artistic manner. #darjeeling Hope this makes your day/night where ever you are!
Some authentic #Darjeeling #food stuffs locals enjoy regularly. You can enjoy too! For that you have to visit us :)
Now the weather in #Darjeeling is rainy and foggy. How the residents long for some sunshine. Hope this file photo gives you some warmth. And those far away from home get the good feel! Tourists are always heartily welcome to YOUR home in the hills!
Our Hilly guys Mantra Rocking in Brixton, London.

Himali Nepali - The Mantra Band "Live in London"
Congrats to the team! #INDvPUR Sunil Chhetri #BackTheBlue

Sunil Chhetri Guides India to Big Win Over Higher-ranked Puerto Rico
After their successful gig in Dubai, our lads are in London, UK to give their yet another stunning performance. All our brothers and sisters in UK are requested to have a blast with them. Go Mantra!
Come over to Hayden Hall, Darjeeling on the 13th to learn about Sustainable Lifestyles. Its time we changed our way of living!