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Thrilled so many constituents could make it out to our Open House this Thursday before Inauguration. Great to see and catch up with all of you! Hope you enjoyed the weekend!
Darrell Issa
01/20/2017 at 17:51. Facebook
Congratulations to our 45th President, Donald J. Trump. Now, we roll up our sleeves and get to work. #InaugurationDay
Darrell Issa
01/20/2017 at 16:18. Facebook
View from the inaugural platform right now. Today we begin the peaceful transition of power. We have a great day, and a brighter future, ahead of us.
Darrell Issa
01/20/2017 at 04:31. Facebook
Introduced a bill that could start moving waste in as little as 5 years. The hard work starts today.

Issa takes another stab at moving nuclear waste from San Onofre

Darrell Issa
01/19/2017 at 19:52. Facebook
LIVE: Giving a tour of my office to constituents and locals visiting DC for inauguration!
Darrell Issa
01/17/2017 at 21:19. Facebook
From stopping the outsourcing of American jobs to returning power to state and local government, I'm hitting the ground running in the new Congress, introducing a series of bills to help resolve some of the biggest challenges in our communities.

[ Go.usa.gov Link ]

Issa's First Moves Champion District Priorities

Darrell Issa
01/17/2017 at 18:28. Facebook
I've introduced legislation to close this loophole and protect American jobs.

How Outsourcing Companies Are Gaming the Visa System To Layoff American Workers

I'm outside the capitol and about to head in to introduce a few of my first pieces of legislation for the new year. Take a look! And check out more on my priorities for the year here: [ Go.usa.gov Link ]
Just introduced a bill that could have the nuclear waste from San Onofre begin removal in as little as 5 years. go.usa.gov/x9PUS

Issa Introduces Storage Solution For Nation’s Nuclear Waste

In case you missed it, my thoughts on why Rex Tillerson is just the man we need to reorganize and reassert the State Department's vital role on the world stage.

How Rex Tillerson can reassert State Department on world stage

What should be done with Obamacare? Repeal it? Replace it? Fix it? I want to hear from you about what YOU think Congress should do with it. Weigh in on our new poll below

60 Second Survey: Obamacare

A big thank you goes out to the men and women who put their lives on the line for us each and every day. #LawEnforcementAppreciationDay
Copy of the letter I sent to the San Diego VA Director asking him for his plan to improve veteran care after the San Diego VA suffered a 'large decline' its national healthcare scoring. It fell to a 3-star rating (out of 5) this year.

More here: [ Sandiegouniontribune.com Link ]
My bill, the Protect and Grow American Jobs Act, helps close this loophole.

How the University of California exploited a visa loophole to move tech jobs to India

Today I am proud to stand with my House colleagues on both sides of the aisle in support of our close ally Israel and in rejection of last month’s UN Security Council Resolution as it is an obstacle to peace.

House passes resolution condemning UN for Israel action

"If we can work together, we can solve a lot of our problems!" Joined Fox & Friends this morning on Fox News to talk about my plan to stop the outsourcing of American jobs and fix our broken immigration system. Take a look!
San Diego companies are making a real show of force at this years Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas! Can't wait to check out all the incredible new products this weekend. See you at the show!

San Diego Companies Show Off New Tech at CES Show in Vegas

My bill, which passed the House last night, will help us repeal President Obama's "midnight regulation express" rushing through droves of costly new mandates, just before he leaves office.

Obama’s Midnight Regulation Express

Freshly signed my Oath of Office to support and defend the Constitution this morning. It’s truly an honor to serve the people of California. Can't wait to get to work creating jobs, growing the economy, and creating opportunity for all to succeed!