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Great comedy is based in truth. This makes the point in a way that underlines the absurdity of women's rights and archaic sexual assault laws.

Sexual Assault Toolbelt with Tatiana Maslany

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For real - this man is mentally unfit for the job. As someone who takes a LOT of medication for my own mental health I can tell you I think he's very unwell. I suspect he's suffering from dementia and a very real destructive version of narcissism. It's like having a drunk at the controls of a plane filled with nuclear bombs. That plane just happens to be the most powerful nation in the...
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Read President Trump's Interview With TIME on Truth and Falsehoods

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I sang this song in my weekly singing lesson today and almost forgot to tell my teacher that once a upon time I'd had the privilege to perform it with the greatest tenor of all time. My singing teacher was astounded I had neglected to tell her this fact! Seems like a lifetime ago but it's a memory I'm always grateful for. #Pavarotti


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I admit it: I loved #BeautyAndTheBeast - we discuss it and more on this week's show!

Ep 41: Beauty & The Beast, T2 Trainspotting, Personal Shopper & More!

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Flashback: In 1996, just months away from the release of 'I Want You' - I was still a pre-school teacher. Here I am singing happy birthday to one of the sweetest kids I ever taught. They were all sweethearts. I adored them. Note the little girl in the background covering her ears hahah!
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A little sumthin' sumthin' for the One Million Moms against #BeautyAndTheBeast #singing #proudtobegay #queergetusedtoit

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40th episode of my movie podcast features #Kong #SkullIsland (hated it) French horror film #Raw and breaking news and gossip ;)

Ep 40: Kong: Skull Island, Raw & More!

For the last year I've been co-writing an original musical with my friend, writer and comedian Johnny Menke. Phew! It feels a relief to say that out loud! This picture is me with his dog, Bella, who has been under our feet and in our hearts the entire time we've been writing. I met Johnny a few years ago when I was studying improv at The Groundings school here in LA. Get this: how we ended...
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Ep 39 of my movie podcast is here. Hear our thoughts on the Wolverine movie #Logan - and the wonderful Mike Birbiglia stand-up show 'Thank God For Jokes' plus waaaay too much information on what it's like to vote in LA and why I ate donuts at 4 am. If that's the kind of thing you're in to.

Ep 39: Logan, Thank God for Jokes, Other People

I guested on this hilarious Dave Holmes hosted podcast International Waters co-written by the hilarious Riley Jess - thanks so much for having me on!

International Waters: Ep 93 Fairy Bread for the Masses | Maximum Fun

My buddy from The Groundlings Theatre school and all-round amazing comedian / musician Erica Dawson has released a slice of bittersweet social commentary. Full of satire and sting, here's her music video #UsaPartyGirl - (warning adult themes). It's sort of everything wrong with rich white spoiled kidz and couldn't have come at a more poignant time.

USA Party Girl (Official Music Video)

The official music video for comedian Erica Dawson's new single, USA Party Girl! SHE'S CRAZY!!! Links to download the single & lyrics below the fold. Subscri...

As well as arguing over whether 11am is 'early afternoon' or not (it isn't) we RAVE about the fantastic new horror/comedy/socially aware (seriously) film by Jordan Peele - the fantastic #GetOut movie. Plus we tear open the envelope that was #Oscars2017.

Ep 38: Get Out, Oscars 2017, The Salesman

This is so terrifyingly true. We MUST understand this man has nothing to do with which political party you identify with. If you voted for the party but oppose this man's behavior, we're counting on you to speak up too. A free and independent press is the only thing that keeps politicians on their toes and allows we, the people, to make our own decisions. This President is trying to...
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Trump’s attacks on the media sound eerily familiar to Germany’s journalists

I'm doing a short stand-up set in LA on Sunday March 5 at 10pm with a bunch of other comedians both newbies (like me) and pros (like, I don't know Ricky Gervais? Probably not Ricky but you get the point). If you want to come, it's free first come first served at The New Lab Showroom & Bar At The Hollywood Improv address belooooooow! [ Improv.com Link ]

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