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We saw 4 films and one of them was dreadful. Can you guess which one it might be? We saw the Charlie Day / Ice Cube comedy #FistFight' with hilarious Jillian Bell and Christina Hendricks Anthony saw the South Korean period thriller #TheHandmaiden. Darren stumbled upon a 2015 British horror film 'Howl' and we saw the anthology horror film, directed by all women, called 'XX'. Plus we talk...
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Ep 37: Fist Fight, XX, The Handmaiden, & Howl

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Wonderful news. This has been my argument for marriage equality all along.

Teen suicide attempts fell as same-sex marriage became legal

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My favorite documentary of the past year Tickled comes to HBO on Monday Feb 27 - plus new ‘Tickle King’ bonus!
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Out of everything that has happened since the the run for the Presidency up until the first 2 weeks of this new administration - this is the most disturbing and quite honestly sickening thing I've seen Trump do. The way he spoke to this journalist, the way he degraded him, the way he treats the media - is horrible. To have so little compassion is something that astounds me. Regardless of...
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02/17/2017 at 23:30. Facebook
20 years ago - the release day of 'I Want You' in Australia and we visited every music retailer we could fit in to the day. I remember everyone thinking it was a loooooong shot. I never did. photo credit @GoringMark76 on twitter.
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We saw the new Lego Batman movie and John Wick Chapter 2 and talked about it in episode 36 of We Paid To See This - Check it out!

Ep 36: Lego Batman & John Wick Chapter 2!

This is a fun comedic scripted podcast called Kevin's Cryptids and I'm the guest voice on this week's episode. I play an evil German popstar. Check it.
I forget that I live in a world and within a marriage where sometimes we're ashamed to hold hands. This is a beautiful message.
BRAND NEW @WePaidToSeeThis with #Rings #LiveByNight and #HacksawRidge reviews

Ep 35: Rings, Live By Night, Hacksaw Ridge

London UK - people have been asking me where they can see this incredible documentary. Playing in London for this week only here. Here are the details!


Brand new episode of my movie podcast We Paid To See This with #SplitMovie #TheFounder and #StudioGhibili produced animated film #TheRedTurtle (plus, pee stuff)

Ep 34: Split, The Founder & The Red Turtle

SPECIAL L.A ANNOUNCEMENT - I'm hosting a Q&A this WEDNESDAY Feb 1st at a special screening of the incredible #Madonna dancers documentary #StrikeAPose. If you are in Los Angeles come and experience this iconic film and discover the story of what happened to the lives of dancers who were a huge part of the mega-success that was Madonna’s “Blonde Ambition” concert tour in 1990. Wed Feb 1st...
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Strike a Pose - Laemmle.com

Californians, be aware of the #calex movement and do not join it. It is not a left-wing or liberal movement. Leader is funded by Russia, is anti LGBTQ and the entire movement is an attempt to de-stabilize the United States.

From his home in Russia, #Calexit leader plots California secession

Some wonderful news: because of the tremendous support of all of those who protested at airports all over the USA and the TIRELESS work of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) - a federal judge ruled AGAINST Trump's racist and inhumane 'Muslim Ban'. It's only a temporary stay, but it means our voices are heard and most importantly the court system works. Please consider a one time...
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Judge blocks deportation of detainees over Trump refugee order

For anyone who finds themselves in the predicament of being turned away at the airport or detained. Know your legal rights.

What To Do If Immigration Agents (ICE) Are At Your Door