Darshan Raval
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Darshan Raval
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Special thanks to all the people of @KAPOCH
Specially Sangram Keshari Paikaray ji & Samarjit Pattanayak for all the support
#spreadlove #Bhubaneswar
Darshan Raval
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Darshan Raval
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Darshan Raval
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Darshan Raval
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Off to #bhubaneswar
Darshan Raval
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Surprise people !
Just recorded drums with Darshan Doshi,One of India's finest drummer.
Will update more about the song.
It is one of my favorite #spreadlove #biggestsong
'Main tumhara aur tum mere'
Photography Dhruwal Patel
Ass photographer Dushyant Raval's Photography
At the #vdonxt panel discussion with @mostlysane, @knot_me_pretty & #jayvijay
Nostalgia โค
The first day in mumbai #spreadlove
Checkout the Aftermovie by Malhar Jani of 31st December 2016

[ Youtube.com Link ]

Darshan Raval | 31st December | Aftermovie |

Video By Malhar Jani

Hi guys I'm so happy to come n perform for you guys,see u in Bhubneshwar on 21st Jan 2017 #spreadlove
Lets unfold the cards

Photography & edit- Dhruwal Patel
Assistant photographer- Dushyant Raval's Photography
Managed by- Malhar Jani
Pictures taken by Dushyant Raval's Photography
Welcome 2017 โค

Photography and edit by Dhruwal Patel
Asst. Photographer Dushyant Raval's Photography
Managed by Malhar Jani
Sound check done #daman #spreadlove

Picture by Dushyant Raval's Photography
Ready for 31st Mirasol Daman