Another case of driver distraction?

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"Crash at the intersection of Albany Hwy and Welshpool Rd in St James, Western Australia"
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"About 200 metres before the roundabout at end of the M1 at the Hexham exit. The car 4 ahead of me decided he would do a U turn instead of using the roundabout. Here's a good lesson to be very aware of dickheads doing shit like this and keep your distance. 3 cars up his arse all came to grief. You can hear my comment way before the initial crash."

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The old merge across a painted island and not indicate til half way across trick.
But Karma prevails
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Only really posting this because it is something we get a lot. If you use your mobile to film or take a picture from the drivers seat, unless the vehicle is parked with engine off, you are breaking the law, and often are risking a larger fine then what ever you are taking a picture of.

Food for thought.

'I didn't know it was illegal': NSW Police Minister fined for using phone in car
A follower named Rory made a few tweaks to a recent video and we couldn't help but post it.

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River Rd- Revesby. Rider wasn't injured. Props to the bystander for being quick to help.
Thanks to Thomas.

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"Truck had broken down at the lights on Nathan Street, second truck went through green light and the Sedan turned on an open turn light assuming it was clear and t-boned the Truck"
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"Neither car touched mine, but they must have been within centimetres of it. 4WD managed to steer into the ditch on the side of the road to avoid hitting me. "

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"Happened on Maroondah Croydon. The truck that side swiped the car came back around"
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Meteor failed to give way.