Ulladulla N.S.W - 20/1/17 - Rider was reportedly O.K

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"My car accident on the highway near south port exit QLD .The woman in the white car try to say I went in to her lane until I told her I had a dash cam "

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"Range rover hit my car and instead of sticking around he took off. My dash cam unfortunately couldn't pick up the number plate"

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Another one from across the ditch (We are tossing up about posting the occasional NZ vid so let us know in the comments if you want to keep seeing them or not)

"Happened between Waihi and Katikati (NZ North Island). Caravan broke off from the black ute, no damage to anyone/anything to my knowledge"

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Seems like they may need to re-evaluate the setup of this contraflow. As it is obviously too difficult for some people to grasp.

Crestmead at chambers flat road,

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Hooker boulevard and Manapouri st in Broadbeach - Thanks to Nick

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Albury NSW - Witnesses reported the driver was drunk and Unlicensed, A van blocked him at the next intersection and called the Police, Video was supplied to them.

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Double Whammy - Firstly the fool performing the Illegal U-turn, then the guy at the back not leaving a safe stopping distance.

Happened on Dynon rd West Melbourne, on 19/01/2017
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Those ladders truly are escape artists

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Some people think they are too special to sit in traffic. This driver just found out that they aren't.

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Stay classy Bendigo

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"Zero sympathy for this distracted idiot.
Good example of why you should keep your car and wheels facing straight ahead when waiting to turn across traffic. Sterling HWY, Nedlands. Perth. Friday 13th"

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A lovely 36 degrees outside here, or if you are lucky enough to be parked in the sun like me, a balmy 58 Degrees. Glad this isn't a dark coloured car....

It should be common sense, but don't leave anything you care for in a vehicle in this weather.
"A drunk driver. Notice how her body is lying across into the passengers side before impact. She spent a week in Intensive care. Screaming passenger was ok."

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(Yes I know it's NZ but was sent to us direct and we felt worthy of a post)

Head on crash with drunk driver - NZ

http://dashcamownersaus.com.au/ - "A drunk driver. Notice how her body is lying across into the passengers side before impact. She spent a week in Intensive ...

Reminder to motorists, when you see an Emergency vehicle it is important you give way, Even more important is you make sure you make your intentions clear. Indicate and stop out of the way if possible so emergency vehicles can safely navigate around you.

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