Thanks to Shane who had his car parked on the roof of his building and was able to record this with his dash cam. WOLLONGONG - CROWN STREET - 9AM JUNE 28

[ Link ]
James Varoutsos
Shane Hintz
Ty Sølvulv Clewer
"I saw loose straps in the back of this car trailer and as we went through Canungra In 50km
Zone I sounded horn and flashed lights to no avail. As we left town this happened."
Thanks to Christine

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Marc Wilkinson
Kieran Atkin
Steve A. Corbett
''Accident that caused a complete write-off of my WRX. Hit in the back by a P plater.''
Thanks to Dean

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Andy Anderson
Stewart Spencer
Andrew Stephensen
Shane Allwood
Daniel Nicolle
Nate Reay
"WA - Kwinana Freeway 25th June 2017 @ around 3:25pm. Saw this guy wander out of his lane a few minutes earlier so kept a good eye on him after that. Everyone was ok, just so very embarrassed. Luckily missed the left hand lane traffic."
Thanks to Brad

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Kieren Dalziel
Mick Kellard
Don Smith
Don't trust your tired self
''Saturday morning 24/6/2017 4.10 am, I notice a car in front of me all over the road swapping lanes not indicating etc. I follow up in my truck flashing n honking my horn to get the person attention with no response. I keep up with the guy trying all ways to get his attention. Notice the car was moving closer over as we were going in a road work zone m4 east...
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Courtney Patterson
Nathan Ring
Amye-Louise Carroll-Scott
"This horrific head on crash happened on 23/06/17 @2pm (date & time is wrong on footage) on Sunnyholt Road, Stanhope Gardens. Extremely lucky that Taxi driver and passenger are okay, they were transported to hospital via ambulance for observation. The driver of the hatchback had to be air lifted."
Thanks to William

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Alec Latchford
Adrian Lj
Susan Middlemiss
Forget Netflix and Chill

We have YouTube and Rage

June Compilation: [ Link ]
Forget Netflix and Chill 

We have YouTube and Rage

June Compilation

Dash Cam Owners Australia - Monthly On the Road Compilations
Hayden Moore
Manda Brown
Amy Saxon
Daniel Nowill
Steven Schnitzelberger
Alex Nastevski
''Van completely clueless of a red Holden wagon right in front of him, on the Gisborne-Melton road. Smashes right into him and turns the wagon around. Idiot.'' Thanks to Brandon

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Trude Red And Sparkly Paladin
Lee Osmond
Ty Sølvulv Clewer
"Intersection at Ruthven & Alderley St, Toowoomba QLD. No one was seriously hurt, the driver of the Yaris was a bit sore and both drivers were blaming each other. I pulled over and gave one of the driver's my details so I could send them the video for insurance purposes.When I said "you shouldn't have done that" I was referring to the station wagon turning in front of a car driving up the...
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John Laverton
Jarryd Wells
MA Shell
James Rees
Mario Zuppini
Jay Chase
"Angle vale SA 9.15am 23/6/17 My wife was very lucky to get out of this with minor injuries!"
Thanks to Craig

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Benn Cooper
Craig Iedema
Tony Sander
♩ Holiday Roooaaddddd ♩
Holiday Roooaaddddd
Mikey Francis
Jason Dodd
Stuart Cá Đen
James Beecham
Jacob Black
Scott Hewitt
"Dude's going to be fine. Two fractured legs, fractured skull, fractured spine and a fuck-ton of abrasions"

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Dudes going to be fine Two fractured legs fractured skull fractured spine

#FuckenDandenong! Clip #11
Trick Broughton
Steve Theobald
Stephen Thorpe
Kim Cole
Mitchell James
Jessica Friend
Nothing beats having the wind in your hair. Luckily he didn't manage to jump out though,because if a cow ever got the chance he'd eat you and everyone you cared about!
Thanks to Luke

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Josh Smith
Jacques Jacobs
Ash Black
"I'm clearly not at fault and the other driver was on his phone and pulled out in front of me
And now is saying I pulled into his lane" Thanks to Ellen

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Billy Brown
Shornee Tee
A.J. Abrook
Selby Street Perth. June 12 2017 Thanks to Ross

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Scott Hewitt
Dave Kearton
Troy Todd