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Government Employees, PSU Employees & Ex-servicemen are our nation’s pride. This special offer on #rediGO is an attempt to honor them for their continued efforts & #ISayYes attitude. [ Link ]
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Make her day special by letting her shop as much as she wants. Thanks to Datsun redi-GO’s generous boot space, you won’t have to worry about carrying all that stuff she buys! #MyValentine
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Make use of redi-GO’s best-in-class fuel efficiency of 25.17 km/l, and take her for that romantic long drive. #MyValentine
Each member of the Datsun family is important to us. Watch, as the contest winners from different parts of the world celebrate their #DatsunLove together.
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The Small Car of the Year adds yet another prestigious award to its name- The Datsun #rediGO has won the BTVI Viewers’ Choice of the Year award. #UnlimitedPassion
Amit Bidkar shared this amazing picture of his #Datsun and we are loving it! Did you get clicked with your #Datsun yet? Share and let us know.
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#DatsunLove knows no boundaries! Watch how the love for #Datsun of the contest winners from India, Indonesia, Russia & South Africa got them together in Japan!
#DatsunLove from around the world unites in Japan! Here's the India contest winner Vishal Vats, celebrating his #DatsunLove with his fellow winners from South Africa, Indonesia and Russia, at the Nissan Global Headquarters.