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Hughesy and Kate provide the full radio experience.
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Mark Lavell
Jeanie-Maree Hughes
Angela Tait-Carter
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Kylie Bailey
What do you think MasterChef Australia fans? ???? #HYBPA
Dave Hughes Official Page 06/15/2017
Tania Salm
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Jessica Reynolds
Jessica Yeates
Sean Walsh
Michelle Frisch
How could my 8yo son have anything to worry about? #raffsworries
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Tayla Custerson
Telling some jokes for kids on 'Stand and Deliver' today! Tune into ABC ME this afternoon at 5.15pm.
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On Have You Been Paying Attention? tonight!
Luke Coniston
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Castle Hill! I'm bringing 'Deluded' to you – tickets are on sale now!
Castle Hill I'm bringing 'Deluded' to you – tickets are on sale now

Dave Hughes – Deluded | Castle Hill RSL Club
Jessica Yeates
Jo D'souza
George Georgas
I was flat out yesterday!
Jessica Yeates
Parramatta! It's your turn, 'Deluded' is coming your way!
Parramatta It's your turn 'Deluded' is coming your way

Dave Hughes – Deluded | Parramatta RSL
Rachael Northcott
Kathryn Hughes
Tijen Beyit Tezkan
Good news Revesby – 'Deluded' is coming your way!
Good news Revesby – 'Deluded' is coming your way

Dave Hughes - Deluded | Revesby Workers Club
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Tina Xenoulis
Sarah Kay
Michael White
Kari Esplin
Why is she in the back of a ute?
Glyn Ball
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Martin Ross
Good on ya Kleenex Bathroom Australia for seeing sense and making the call to keep the Kleenex pup on the payroll. Looks like my work here is done – thanks for the help to #SaveKleenexPuppy
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Jae Tomsen
Mary DeBono
Jessica Yeates
Hesham Abdulla
Colin Budge
Can a Hughesy impersonator fool my mum? Watch this...
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Charlotte Parry
John-Fiona Whitson
Ash Nichols
Rosemary Geard
Megan Roberts
This has changed my world view.
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Karena Ann
Strong. Soft. Absorbent. This little fella’s got all three in the bag! If you missed it, Kleenex want to give the pup the boot – what a load of rubbish!!! Last chance to show the little fella some support by tagging #SaveKleenexPuppy here at Kleenex Bathroom Australia!
Strong Soft Absorbent This little fellas got all three in the bag
Sunny Kaiveikau
Jodi Philip
Erin Dean