Dave's Killer Bread
02/17/2017 at 17:24. Facebook
Give Second Chances a chance. Learn more about the Dave’s Killer Bread Foundation: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Dave's Killer Bread
02/15/2017 at 17:18. Facebook
AMP up 2017 with killer taste and texture. Pile it on!
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Dave's Killer Bread
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Happy Valentine's Day, BreadHeads. ❤
Dave's Killer Bread
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Stuff we’re made of: whole grains and seeds.
When shopping is a pleasure.
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Seeds and grains you can count on. Power packed!
Read more about Mark’s story at [ Secondchanceproject.com Link ]
MAKE IT A TRIPLE. Killin’ it!
The original food truck!
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All killer. No filler. Pile it on!
3g protein, 3g fiber, 12g whole grains and only 60 calories. Killer, dude.

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Meet Whitney, our BreadHead of the month. She is a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, online health and fitness coach and she loves DKB – preferably Good Seed (and especially the crust). Keep on rocking life, Whitney!

Learn more about BreadHead Nation and how YOU can be BreadHead of the month: daveskillerbread.com/bhn
PB&J minus the J. We won’t tell.
Paint the town BREAD.
It has been written.
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Give up carbs? Over our bread body.
It's a sad day when a loaf of Dave’s Killer Bread comes to an end. Or is it? Who else loves the seedy last piece in the loaf?

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Dough or dough not. There is no try.
Darn. Good. Bread. A cut above!
5 minutes to make. Fuel for hours.