I've been fostering Dora for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home this week. Basic commands training is going well; she is an intelligent pup
This is the look you get when the photographer Philip Panting I've known for 13 years tells me "you've got potential to do well in modelling DG". Really fun shooting a future project with Henry Poole & Co
A few more photos from Battersea, with Amanda Holden , Jane Warden and new Patron, the Duchess of Cornwall
Great day at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Windsor yesterday to mark the announcement that the wonderful Duchess of Cornwall will be the charity's new Royal Patron.
I think there's only one way to arrive at events from now on..... in classic Jaguars. Thank you Jaguar for arranging everything for myself and Larry King
Hugely proud of the one and only Larry King on the launch of his salon opening. #larrysworld
I should really look a little happier on a beautifully bright but freezing day in London..... Thank goodness for my cashmere coat by Hawkins & Shepherd to keep me warm. by @BenBenjilali
VIDEO: My good friend Larry King is opening his dream next week and you always need a little help from your friends. 1 week until the salon opening. Cameo appearance by Rich Sadler from Nu:group #larrysworld
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Instagram video by David Gandy • Jan 19, 2017 at 6:39pm UTC

Outtake for GLAMOUR UK (oct 2016 issue) photo by Adriano Russo | grooming Larry King | styling Dominique Temple
Goodbye South Africa and thank you Babylonstoren. Grey, cold and wet London town...... here i come! #southafrica #babylonstoren
last few days in south africa. and they left me alone in a vineyard..... silly people. thank u to Babylonstoren for looking after us in this gorgeous setting #southafrica #babylonstoren
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Stylish man of The Year: David Gandy

I got to drive the resurrected Jaguar XKSS for CNN Style. Watch here: [ Edition.cnn.com Link ]

Driving the newly resurrected Jaguar XKSS

For the 1st time in 10 seasons I'm not going to be able to attend London fashion week men #lfwm. I'm on set and shooting in SA and have to look at this horrible view for next few days. Good luck to all the brands, designers and ambassadors. #olympuspen
This thursday at 09:30 GMT, I get behind the wheel of iconic cars with Kendall Jenner and Patrick Dempsey for CNN Style
2016 has been a great year. Thanks to all of you for your support of my work, my range and my charities. Happy New Year
Work finished. Presents wrapped. Beef Wellington made..... think its finally time for National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Merry Christmas everyone x
Last one from the Men's Fitness (UK) february 2017 magazine, taken bij Glen Burrows Ltd.
Another image from the new Men's Fitness (UK). Photos by Glen Burrows Ltd.. On newsstands now or purchase online (scroll down): [ Newsstand.co.uk Link ]
One of the images from the new Men's Fitness (UK). Photos by Glen Burrows Ltd. On newsstands now or purchase online (scroll down): [ Newsstand.co.uk Link ]