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Happy National Hugging Day! Our pec deck machines are there to help strengthen your hugging muscles Tag someone you'd like to hug.
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There’s a sense of belonging in our clubs.
But don’t take it from us, let our members tell you.
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Here's a riddle for you. Tell us your answers in the comments below.
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The treadmill turned 200 this year. Tell us how you feel about exercising on the treadmill in just one word. GO!
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What's your favourite racquet sport - tennis, badminton or squash? We have over 1200 match quality courts for you to perfect your game.
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Here's one way to use a stability ball. We're open for other suggestions.
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Azure, turquoise, cerulean, ultramarine...That's the sort of Blue Monday we like.
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Brochures, last minute flight deals, rushed hotel bookings. Sigh. May as well pop into your local club for some quality spa time.
Take that lunch break! How many of these healthy habits can you adopt? We're going to give no. 6 a go.

How to be more healthy at work in 2017

Free lunch? That’ll be one workout please #runforyourbun
Our first ever Facebook Live video and what an event it is! We are at our pop up cafe in Covent Garden, London where you pay for your lunch with exercise. #RunForYourBun
Our #WomanCrushWednesday is television presenter, actress, and All Saints rockstar Nicole Appleton
Apparently 'crawling' is the new planking. What's the one new thing you're really going to try this year?

The fitness trends we’ll all be following in 2017

It takes two to tango. Tell us who motivates you to stay fit and we'll repost our favourites. #MondayMotivation
How was your first week of 2017? Did you slide into it slowly or did you hit the ground running?
Saturday fry up with an extra side of guilt? No thanks. Watch the video to find out how you can have the bacon and eat it too.
Some of our sports equipment has taken a stroll. Can you tell us which of these balls will get back to our club?
Are diet versions of soft drinks any better than their sugar-laden counterparts?

Latest research suggests everything we thought about sugar-free diet drinks is wrong

It's #NationalTriviaDay. Here's a question for you.