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Mrs R
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Brutti ma buoni aka Ugly But Good ☕
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I love the freshness of an artichoke salad w/ Parmigiano shavings. Add a squeeze of lemon, salt, pepper, and lots of extra virgin olive oil
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Eddie & the Prof... love my job, love my friends!
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Trying to perfect the Blue Steel in #Florence ❤
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Eat your fruit and make mom happy! Oretta
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Scared shitless because you decide to be your own stunt guy & have no idea how to ride a donkey... #DolceNapoli #PalioDiCamposano #DidNotEndWell #ComingSoon #TBT
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ATTN Recipe Lovers: Comment here and let us know your favourite David Rocco recipes so we make sure to include them on the new website - launching soon! ✉
Curry di gamberi al cocco or Coconut prawn curry. Love making this!

With a little coconut oil, saute minced garlic and ginger, chopped onions, tumeric, curry leaves, green chilies, dried red chilies and chopped tomatoes. Let that cook down for a few minutes.

Then add a spoon of tomato paste, season with salt and pepper, and add some coconut milk. After a few minutes, add your prawns, which...
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Can you guess what's on the menu?
I just showed you the first step in the last post, now here's the rest...

After sauteeing your sweet red peppers in olive oil and garlic until crispy, let it all cool down then finely mince with hot thai chili peppers, garlic, basil and sweet sundried tomatoes. All Quanto Basta - you control the balance of heat to sweet! Put the mixture in a jar, top with olive oil and it will keep for...
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Prepping da chilli sauce baby!
This is one of my favourite opening scenes from the new series #DolceNapoli Music by Pietra Montecorvino & Eugenio Bennato #NatGeoPeopleSky #ThisMay
Workout finished and home with breakfast from Oretta before the monkeys are up #Bomboloni
#Ravello ❤
Fat is my friend ❤ #ProsciuttoDelCasentino
Is there anything better than scarpetta?