Visit and hit up the "shop" section or go to to snag these original illustrations. These are the originals, not the prints, and they come framed and ship anywhere in the United States. These are HUGE at 18x24 and took me quite a while to make. Thanks for the support.
These are available at - shipping included in price, comes framed and will ship only in the US. These are the original illustrations, not prints. Thank you for the support.
Tonight's efforts. Kurt Wagner. 11x17 marker and ink on paper.
Drawing x-men this evening.
Got weird tonight. This was more of a warm up than anything else. Loosen up before the good stuff.
@ltwoodsart told me he was throwing @tattoothelou - so, with the trillest dude throwing what should be one hell of a convention - I had to get down with this. Thanks LT - see a bunch of you guys in St. Louis in 2018! Follow the convention profile!
All finished with this big guy. Angry Kitty Bowels. 18"x24" mixed media on hot press watercolor paper.
Blasted this wolf jam on Ryan today. Thanks for coming down!
First one to start the day here. Thanks Greg!
Progress this morning before a stacked tattoo day.
Getting it in.
Los of fun on Jeremy today. Thanks again man!
Added this swollen angry kneecap rose to the collection of @chrismiller513 today. Thanks for swinging up to Columbus today!
I got the proper lighting I feel in this one. Here's a better photo of "Wrathful Ganesha" 18"x24" mixed media on hot press watercolor paper. Thanks to everyone who tuned in and watched me make this big thing live.
This is probably the best photo I'm going to get of this with the lighting inside of my house. But I just finish this 18 x 24 wrathful Ganesha tonight.
All I could get in on this 18x24 Ganesha tonight. Color tomorrow. Thanks for watching!
Going big. Live.
Today a dream died. If anybody's wanting to know why I haven't been answering emails for scheduling, it's been because my life has been consumed over the last couple months with some pretty detrimental shit. However later this evening I will be addressing all of the people that have inquired for tattoos. I'm going to be rebuilding myself and my life one step at a time. If you have emailed,...
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- I have TONS of prints available online - link is also in the bio - WORLDWIDE SHIPPING IS AVAILABLE - printed on high quality archival paper. Print sales support me while I make new illustrations and paintings, and every bit helps. Thanks in advance!