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Olivia made me a fort. Slowly chipping away at my mountain of shipping. Got a huge chunk knocked out. Olivia helps me because this takes time away from my home life, which I don't get to enjoy enough because of all the work I do. She sees it that if she helps me, that's more time that I get to spend with her later, and I appreciate her taking the initiative to help me out during times like...
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So it's a no-brainer that my Kickstarter project was overwhelming and resulted in severe mismanagement - I built another email - thresholdartbooks@gmail.com for pledgers and purchasers who got lost in the sauce (international orders with customs holding packages, etc.) and damaged books - I have gone through all the emails and I am handling this myself along with the help of my lady to get as...
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These were so much fun.
If you snoozed on these, sorry! They came out great!
Signing prints and moving 'em out!
Back home and back to shipping out the remaining orders. Signing and shipping. Signing and shipping.
A throwback to one of the silk dye paintings I made this year. I've had one hell of a productive year. There's still a couple weeks left in it and I'm not done yet.
Thanks everyone who got tattooed this weekend.
Yallzee, thank you for everything this weekend. I got a chance to visit a beautiful place, had a lot of fun with friends, and did some fun tattoos on great people. Only you could have pulled this off like this. Thank you @yallzee - I hope to be invited to many more to come. @pr_tattoo_convention
The winning piece from today!
This award, I won't lie, I gunned for all weekend. The first international Puerto Rican tattoo convention, and my first time in Puerto Rico, and being a Puerto Rican tattooer... I got a tattoo of the day award. Honored, humbled, and really happy. Thanks To @pewpewtattoo for letting me tattoo your ultra talented self too!
Thanks to the homie @pewpewtattoo @woodworktattoo for getting this tattoo today. So much fun!
Here's a video. Three hours. Freehand. And in my style... I took it slow and did my best. Thanks again Jock.
Thanks for getting this tattoo @jrjock - lots of fun!
Returned a piece of art for Kyle @pewpewtattoo that I've owed him forever ago. Dude is amazing!
Laced the homie @fibs_ up with a piece. Dude is turbo inspirational!
Made this for the homie @pewpewtattoo - it's been a long time since I returned a piece of art for him. Thanks brotha!
I'm drawing at my booth #162 at the @pr_tattoo_convention - come say hello. Ben and I have time to tattoo today as well! Walkups all day long!
Lots of fun on this snake on William today! Tattoo number two in Puerto Rico!
Video of the Kapala I did today!