Davina McCall
02/24/2017 at 20:26. Facebook
Tonight's supper... an old fave chicken crumble from #smartcarbs . So the deal is that the crumble is made of quinoa and cauliflower. Now...I know it sounds funny...but u HAVE to try it ... the kids didn't know it wasn't breadcrumbs... they loved it... little bit of Parmesan and it crisps up beautifully in the oven . It's so so yummy and easy to do xxxx promise โค happy Friday .. just about to...
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Davina McCall
02/23/2017 at 18:31. Facebook
Why are people laughing at me in the pool?
Davina McCall
02/19/2017 at 09:41. Facebook
Sunday is @edthept taking me through my paces on #30dayfatburn I have realised that when I think I don't have any more left in me ... i always have about 30 %. more to give. So be your own PT. Do that extra rep. Do the extra 5 minutes on Hiit!!! Yessssss!!!!
Chicken stock..... I used to be scared of making this but it's so easy x just put a chicken carcass in a saucepan, add carrots ????, celery, peppercorns, onion, water and let it just simmer away for 3-4 hours maybe with a little bouquet Garni which is basically a teabag full of herbs and Bob's your uncle! Or in my case Simon. Simon is my uncle.
So, this morningโ˜€ I woke up and I had such bad doms (muscle ache) that I couldn't get down to the loo seat... I had to sort of fall on it! Doms are good. Don't be afraid of muscle ache it means u r working hard. I nearly didn't work out this am because I hurt so much but I actually felt a bit better after! I can still train when i have doms... no excuses .... โค
Love this!! Mineโ€™s for Sarah โค#BlendedWithLove garnier.com/love Garnier
Did an interview for this magazine... it's a really great mag... informative... engaging...educational.. really beautifully set out, a visual feast. I was honoured they asked me x thanks guys x @balanceldn
This man is one of the bravest men I know... he did an extraordinary thing in this race to come second with his boat damaged right at the beginning of his three months at sea.... miraculous! He did Britain and Gosport (go go gos vegas massive) proud! Well done Alex!!!
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Sunday is all about the roast ... cooking a quick roast chick before heading back to Innsbruck... jump is on tonight 7.30 @channel4
Pastryless quiche .... I know I know the pastry is the best bit.... but these really r amazing and soooooo easy ...and totally yummy ..
I #chooselove in my @katharinehamnett tee this valentines day for @helprefugeesuk u can get yours at
You may have seen this before but I wanted to share it because I just found it so profoundly moving. [ Vimeo.com Link ]


More of your creations from #SugarFreeInAHurry in all their amazing glory!! I love these so much... xx
Not tensing ... tensing ... just letting u know... I take loads of pics of myself and then choose one I think I look alright in ... did warm up strength and hiit and abs and stretch ... felt a bit flat working out today (might be a bit homesick) but still glad I did it x #davina30day
Result.. far from exhausting me a workout give me a boost... you know? A bit of a spring in my step ! So what better way to warm up for #thejump tonight than a little pre show workout to #30dayfatburn .. just doing three x 10 min workout before I head up the mountain
Off the Austria for The Jump! Live on Channel 4 7.30pm this Sunday
Yess!! A healthy version of chicken nuggets & kids โค them... buttermilk makes them super tender...

Crunchy buttermilk chicken with roasted ratatouille

Great day for a โ€โ™€actually ... after I got a bit wet I thought 'sod it' and started aiming for puddles and held my arms out wide and embraced it! Have realised that running fit is diff to any other fit. I'm quite a fit bird but am going to need to up my running fit closer to sept for the #greatnorthrun
We need something positive to focus on.... something we CAN do something about โค

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