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Interested in Photography? Come visit our country's beautiful National Parks for FREE and capture it's wonders on camera!

Stay with Days Inn to visit the National Parks and save 15%
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Here is our slightly delayed answer to this week's #TriviaTuesday - we were so excited for Puppy Day today, we got a little sidetracked!

This is Brock's Monument, a column erected atop Queenston Heights in Ontario dedicated to Major General Sir Isaac Brock, one of Canada's heroes of the War of 1812

Have you been? Tag someone you would visit this with!
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We're celebrating Puppy Day today and want to see pictures of your pets! Post a picture of your dog and tag us for a chance to be featured on our social pages!
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It's time for #TriviaTuesday again! Can anyone identify this mysterious monument? What and where is it?
Grandma's home cooking is the centre of this restaurant in Staten Island! Do you think your family's home cooking could run a restaurant? What's your favourite family recipe to make?

At This Staten Island Restaurant, a Kitchen Run by Grandmas
Hopefully Mother Nature has some good weather in store for us! Happy First Day of Spring, everyone!
We've got a new location opening in Lévis, Quebec! We can't wait for you to come and stay with us, we hear the pool is superb!

We're feeling lucky today! Are you?
Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Days Inn Canada family.
How much do you actually know about Canadian currency? Cottage Life magazine has a quiz to test your skills!

Quiz: How much do you know about Canadian currency? | Cottage Life
Anyone know the wifi password? #BaskInTheSun
Here is your answer to this week's #TriviaTuesday. This special tree is Canada's oldest Sugar Maple and is believed to be around 540 years old! Who would YOU like to sit under this tree with?
3.14159? Don't mind if we do
It's #TriviaTuesday! Tell us, what is the hype about this specific Sugar Maple tree, and where in our great country is it located?
While Canada may be the centre of the world for many of us, recent findings in Quebec show that it may be more true than we think!

Oldest traces of life on Earth found in Quebec, dating back roughly 3.8 billion years
This year we've been exploring the true Canadian experience, and want to spread the wealth around! We want to see photos you've taken that you feel best represent Canada!

Tell us about your best Days In Canada for a chance to win a free night's stay at the Days Inn Canada location of your choice!

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For the first time in North America, Ice Dragon Boat Racing is here! Rick Mercer and the Mercer Report give it a go in this wonderful clip. Would you try this sport? ❄

[ Link ]

Rick and Ice Dragon Boat Racing

Rick joins in North America’s first ice dragon boat race on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa.

As spring approaches, some amazing news out of Alberta - experts say that the Boreal forest in Fort McMurray is starting to bounce back after the fires!

Boreal forest starting to bounce back from Fort McMurray wildfire
We'd like to take a moment to acknowledge International Women's Day and thank all the strong women we work with, know, and love. How will you #BeBoldForChange today?
This month's first #TriviaTuesday answer is here! These 220 pound pure gold coins were made by The Canadian Royal Mint and are worth $1 million dollars each!
Try paying with one of these in the Tim Horton's drive-thru