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We're unboxing TWO sets this month! Join us Thursday, 3/2 at 11:30am PT as we stream the #DCRebirth Justice League set and Batman: The Animate Series expressions right here on the #DCCollectibles page!
DC Collectibles
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DC Collectibles
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Crackers, Giggles and Batcow all hit stores next week! Check out the video for all the great details!
DC Collectibles
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Get your first look at the #DCCollectibles vignette of the Batcave from Batman: The Animated Series, featuring an LED light-up Bat-Computer and even Alfred! Reserved English judgment sold separately. [ Bit.ly Link ]

New Batman: The Animates Series Batcave Collectible from DC - IGN

Harley rides a plummeting bomb in these DC COMICS: BOMBSHELLS figures from #DCCollectibles, because planes are for suckers, that's why! [ Bit.ly Link ]

A New Wave of DC's Bombshells Merch Is Ready to Drop on Your Bank Account

These #JusticeLeague statues from #DCCollectibles are real when it's useful. Get your best look yet the world's greatest heroes from 2017's biggest movie! [ Yhoo.it Link ]

'Justice League' Statues Give Us Best Look Yet at DC's Upcoming Movie Team (Exclusive)

Love is in the air (or is that acid fumes?), and the Funko Pop Hunters make a date out of unboxing the #DCCollectibles statue of Joker and Harley from the #SuicideSquad movie. Check it out on the #DCFansChannel! [ Youtu.be Link ]
5 awesome action figures and 1 really cool statue hits stores next week! Check out the video for all of the great details!
Batman is on the hunt for the perfect leader of the greatest crime-fighting team of all time...you'll never guess who he chooses. Watch #DCTV's greatest crime fighters on The CW App! #LEGOBatmanMovie
Relax, galaxy. The Green Lantern Corps is back in #DCRebirth's HAL JORDAN AND THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS VOL 1: SINESTROโ€™S LAW, out tomorrow! [ Bit.ly Link ]


Sorry about the technical difficulties guys! We're back! Unboxing the Suicide Squad Joker & Harley Statue AND the Batman Beyond 3-pack!
You know you want to see what a $5,000 statue looks like. Watch as IGN unboxes our #DCCollectibles brass Batman! [ Bit.ly Link ]

$5,000 Batman Statue Unboxing - IGN Video