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“When you’re skating, or when you’re thinking about music, or when you’re full of fear, all types of endorphins fly out of your brain, and they just take over.” - Evan Smith. Have you watched "Light- Sound- Brain" Part 2 yet? It's playing now at: [ Dcshoes.com Link ]
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“When I am skating, my mind kind of goes blank. Same thing when I am playing music it’s kind of like everything disappears, and your soul is the one playing, and your body is just left behind." - Evan Smith. "Light-Sound-Brain" Part 2 is now playing at: [ Dcshoes.com Link ]
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Evan Smith at his home in Pittsburgh, also known as Mr. Smalls Funhouse. See how the old church turned music venue has had a massive influence on Evan's creativity in "Light- Sound- Brain" Part 2 now playing at: [ Dcshoes.com Link ]
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Introducing "Light- Sound- Brain" Part 2. In this creative storytelling piece Evan Smith invites you to his hometown of Pittsburgh, providing a glance at the myriad of influences in his whimsical life. Watch it now at: [ Dcshoes.com Link ]
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Stay tuned, Part 2 of Evan Smith's "Light- Sound- Brain," drops tomorrow --> [ Dcshoes.com Link ]
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We’re headed to London next week with Josh Kalis and Mike Blabac to celebrate the upcoming release of our collaboration with Slam City Skates. Check out the flyer for all of the details on the all of the events happening.
Cyril Jackson taking a stroll down the block in the Astor, the perfect balance between comfort and protection. 360 Flip. Photo: Blabacphoto. [ Dcshoes.com Link ]
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"Skateboarding is a journey, and the journey never ends." - Evan Smith. Watch "Light- Sound- Brain" part 1 now playing at: [ Dcshoes.com Link ]
Wes Kremer, Chase Webb, and Evan Smith celebrating after a timeless day in Philly. Watch "Light- Sound- Brain" Part 1 now at: [ Dcshoes.com Link ]
Cyril Jackson wearing the new Astor in white. Shop online at: [ Dcshoes.com Link ]
Evan Smith making use of his environment. Kickflip wallride - Philadelphia, PA. Part 1 of "Light- Sound- Brain" is now playing at: [ Dcshoes.com Link ]
Introducing the Astor, our newest cupsole featuring IMPACT-I for superior comfort. Available now at: [ Dcshoes.com Link ]
“I don’t like a plan. I don’t like to be put in any sort of confines. When I have the opportunity to do art, to skate, to do music, it’s all a form of self expression and I like to channel that expression in the moment.” – Evan Smith. For more visit: [ Dcshoes.com Link ]
The Evan Smith Hi as seen in Part 1 of "Light- Sound- Brain." Check out the video and get a pair of the shoes at: [ Dcshoes.com Link ]
Skid row on a Sunday with Josh Kalis and the crew.
“Not many people on this planet have a family like we do.” - Evan Smith. If you haven’t already, go watch Part 1 of “Light- Sound- Brain” at: [ Dcshoes.com Link ]
Tiago Lemos, switch backside 5-0’s the last standing piece of Love park, a timeless Mecca that’s synonymous to east coast skateboarding. See Tiago and Evan in Part 1 of "Light-Sound-Brain" now at: [ Dcshoes.com Link ]
The Wes Kremer 2 featuring SUPER SUEDE & IMPACT-S technology is available in new colors for spring. Pick up your pair today at: [ Dcshoes.com Link ]
Evan Smith x Wes Kremer - Philadelphia, PA 2016. Watch Part 1 of Evan's new video, "Light- Sound- Brain" now playing at: [ Dcshoes.com Link ]