"We are serious about the de-addiction efforts" says a Madhya Pradesh official. Reforms include online tracking system of liquor consignments, new standards for warning signs on bottles, inclusion of lessons on de-addiction in the school curriculum, among others.

MP Liquor Policy for 2017-2018 passed with some promising reforms

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An exciting improvement we are launching this week is a brand new review platform. If you or your loved one has experienced treatment at one of the over 800 centres on our site, please leave a review! Your reviews help us surface the best rehab options for the hundreds of thousands of families suffering from addiction.

Introducing Our New Review Platform

A fresh start to the day with a delicious breakfast and refreshing smoothies! #recovery DARA Rehab
Very helpful! 8 Tools for Relapse Prevention [ Buff.ly Link ]
Emiratis are seeking help for their collective addiction problem, and rehab centres in India are welcoming them with open arms.

Addiction Rehab Options Continue to Grow for Citizens of the UAE

The Stigma of Addiction - Great article from our friends at Safe House Wellness


Punjab's Rs 5-crore state funded de-addiction has been open since July, and is still failing to get patients. With such an overwhelming need in Punjab, one is left to wonder what is going wrong.

Punjab’s first de-addiction centre fails to get patients

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.
Motivation to stay #sober may come from unexpected quarters. buff.ly/1lPRyCX
Family is key to addiction prevention.

Why the Family Is Key in Addiction Prevention

MSC Trust “believes that every addict deserves the chance at recovery” and seen over 70,000 people find help in their program.

Winning the battle of addiction

Everyone's story is different. Getting personalised addiction treatment—a program specially designed for you—can be the secret to a successful recovery.

The Importance of Personalised Treatment

Do you and your family understand the full cost of addiction?

Try this helpful cost of addiction calculator and share with friends →

Discover the Cost of Addiction

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"There are around 1.5 lakh to two lakh street children in Delhi who use drugs. "

"Drug peddlers generally operate in slum clusters near schools and colleges. They first lure students who smoke to try drugs for free. When they get addicted, the peddlers force them to sell drugs to other students."

Let us continue to shine light on these dark realities.

Delhi's Dark Addiction: New Kids Throng the Drug Block, More Vulnerable to AIDS - The New Indian...