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#Educate yourself about the #harmful effects of #drugs.

Drug Guide
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Love them and take them to a #deaddiction centre so they can restart their lives.
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#Addiction is very #treatable. With time, and the right #care.

Treatment and Recovery
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You are not alone, you can bring a change in your life. #recovery
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Not only is it important to know that you can #heal, you should take #action. Find a #deaddiction centre as soon as possible.
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The path to #recovery begins with an open mindset. Everyone can #heal.

5 Myths About Addiction that Undermine Recovery
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After promising to make Punjab drug-free, the Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government is all set to ensure that the capital does not get the 'Udta Delhi' tag, a reference often made for Punjab's drug crisis.

AAP promises Delhi will never go the 'Udta Punjab' way
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Good inspiration for the day.

The Law Of Attraction
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While some blame our collective tech addiction on personal failings, like weak willpower, scientists point a finger at the software itself.

What Will Break People’s Addictions to Their Phones?
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Are you (or someone you know) a high-functioning alcoholic? Take The Cabin Chiang Mai's 9 question quiz to find out.

Signs that You May be a High-Functioning Alcoholic
White River Manor Luxury Rehab in South Africa, one of our premier sponsors, just released a video showing off their gorgeous location. We've been there, and it is has to be one of the most tranquil places in the world. See for yourself. (Learn more: [ Link ]
"We are serious about the de-addiction efforts" says a Madhya Pradesh official. Reforms include online tracking system of liquor consignments, new standards for warning signs on bottles, inclusion of lessons on de-addiction in the school curriculum, among others.

MP Liquor Policy for 2017-2018 passed with some promising reforms
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An exciting improvement we are launching this week is a brand new review platform. If you or your loved one has experienced treatment at one of the over 800 centres on our site, please leave a review! Your reviews help us surface the best rehab options for the hundreds of thousands of families suffering from addiction.

Introducing Our New Review Platform
A fresh start to the day with a delicious breakfast and refreshing smoothies! #recovery DARA Rehab
Very helpful! 8 Tools for Relapse Prevention [ Link ]