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03/24/2017 at 06:58. Facebook
Hey Brisbane! Luke and Kim are speaking at Z Day tmrw.
Might see some of you truthers there :)

Z-Day Global 2017 - Brisbane, Australia

Dead Letter Circus
03/24/2017 at 02:55. Facebook
Our incredibly talented mates sleepmakeswaves dropped a new Album today and it is Stunning! You need this in your ears...

[ Link ]

Made of Breath Only, by sleepmakeswaves
Dead Letter Circus
03/21/2017 at 00:14. Facebook
Tune into MMM Homegrown Tonight !!
BADLANDS in NORTHBRIDGE... what a venue!! Seeya Tonight PERTH!

Music is our superstar Violinist Rachael Aquilina playing a snippet of Re-imagined version of 'Silence'

Artists Destroy and BGV.. we think
The best part of crashing at Kim's folks joint in Bunbury is raiding the old photo albums! Sorry Kim See you at the Prince tonight Funbury!!
#hadtobedone #itwasntme #youcantsackallofus #Bunburysfinestson
Just had a chat to Music Feeds about how a shitty start to the week can have a cracker end. “It was one of the most epic things I’ve ever been a part of,” he says. “For me, the journey of that Thursday beforehand — just going, ‘Oh my god this is the worst timing of anything’ — just ended in the hugest smile… It was the complete healing to my week, I loved it.”

Watch Dead Letter Circus Cover John Farnham's 'You're The Voice' With Birds Of Tokyo's Ian Kenny
Huge Love to all the people in Melbourne and Adelaide who came to the Anniversary shows. Not only did we get to play our favourite song ever written, we did it in Melb's with one of our fav humans. #Yourethevoice #loudestsingalongever John Farnham
Cheers for pic Scubasteeb
Sound is checked...Seeya tonight Melbourne !!!!!!
Thanks to everyone who came to #Brisbane #Sydney and #newcastle see you soon #melbourne and #adelaide thank you @semajtrawets for the rad pic!!・・・
Celebrating 10 years #deadlettercircus
Cambridge tonight in Newcastle! Xoxox
Hey Australia!! The Endless Mile tour kicks off today in Brisbane at the actual venue we launched the debut EP in back in 2007! Then we take it nationally over the next couple of weeks and we're hoping to share some pretty special moments with you on this one. Here's a snippet of one of our violinists rehearsing for the tour. Can you guess the song??
Another taste test! For those peeps pre-ordering The Endless Mile on iTunes (at the special price of $9.99) we are giving you an instant download of one of our fav tracks we selected for the album - 'The Space On The Wall’. Available now!

The Endless Mile by Dead Letter Circus on iTunes
It's not often you get to hang out with a person who inspired you to choose a path in life. Last night we witnessed the greatest vocal performance we've ever heard in concert and possibly the tightest band ever. The world is lucky to have you John Farnham #youareTheVoice #deadletterfanboys
Huge Congrats to the American Idiot AU crew and QPAC for an amazing opening night. Cast, Production, Band.. Perfection!! Highly recommend experiencing this even if musicals aren't usually your thing.
Pre-Order for 'The Endless Mile' is officially live!!!! We're so pumped for you to hear these tracks in their new form. So much sweat and maximum tears went into this project.

All pre-order options are available here: [ Link ] with exclusive merch bundles on the OFFICIAL STORE link. Cheers DLC :)

Dead Letter Circus - The Endless Mile // Pre-order now | Released May 2017
Cheers to Maton Guitars for these beauty's to play on the Re-imagined Tour. 6 days till show number 1 ... BOOM!
#strumstrumstrum #dlcreimagined2017
Re-imagining rehearsal room etiquette... 1 week to go in a small room before tour. Hope they work! Brisbane nearly sold out... get in fast peeps... DLC :)
Hey Brisbane!! Just a heads up, there's less than 50 tickets left for next Thursday's show. Don't say we didn't warn ya :)
Hey Y'all!! Re-imagined Tour kicks off next week and we're pumped to show you the re-invented versions of the songs. We'll be playing the entire Debut EP plus a bunch of other hand picked fav's in celebration of 10 Years of this crazy ride with you. It's going to be epic and it's going to be classy, so wear your best frock. Here's a snippet of The Space On The Wall for a taste...
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