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It's cool to be good at Tinder, but it's far more important that you not be absolutely terrible at Tinder.

How To Not Suck At Tinder
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Hassan Childs is in stable condition after being shot three times.

USF Football Player Shot After Allegedly Pulling Gun On Man In Road Rage Incident
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Team Envy would not be stopped on its way to the grand finals.

Three Overkills Highlight Series Sweep In Halo World Championships
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The UFC golden boy does not believe in trash talk, no sir.

Sage Northcutt On Trash Talk: "No Sir... I Would Never Be Out There Cussing"
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The cops can't bust you for possession if the weed is inside of you—right?

Should You Eat Your Marijuana During A Police Stop? A Guide
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Stats reigns victorious, while soO chalks up his fifth runner-up title.

Protoss Prodigy Stats Wins Global StarCraft League Finals
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The NFL owners will vote on the Raiders' move to Las Vegas this week.

Roger Goodell To City Of Oakland: Once Again, Fuck You
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An MRI came back negative, but the starter is likely heading to the DL anyway.

White Sox Pitcher Carlos Rodon Likely To Begin Season On Disabled List
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I have yelled at my kid. I have given my kid timeouts. I even tried spanking my kid a few times, which was mortifying. All of it failed, and all of it made the problem worse.

So I tried something new.

9 Things I Learned In The Parent Encouragement Program — AKA Shitty Parents Anonymous
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The reigning world champ fell to the Canadian underdog in one of the best sets of the tournament so far.

Underdog Knocks Hearthstone World Champ Out Of Tournament
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Find out which state your state hates the most.

Which State Is Your State's Enemy?
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A 12-year-old reporter asked a valid question, but some people weren't happy with it.

Sportswriters Whine About Kid Reporter Asking Legitimate Question At Press Conference