We still can't get over that moment Vikki left Kelvingrove with Β£250k. Read all about her big win here: bit.ly/2kLZx4d #FBF #dealornodeal

Vikki from Arbroath becomes the ninth top prize winner in Deal or No Deal history - Deal or No Deal

How well do you remember what happened in the last leg of #dealornodeal on tour? Take our quiz now, bit.ly/2kMeao0 #FlashbackFriday

Take our quiz and see if your Deal on Tour knowledge is up to scratch - Deal or No Deal

We're at the wonderful Kelvingrove gallery and museum in Glasgow today for the last leg of the #dealornodeal tour!
Jed took Bankie's offer, accepting a present of Β£21,000 instead of the Β£100,000 hiding in his box. Read more: [ Bit.ly Link ] #dealornodeal
Noel's seen the lions at Longleat. Join us at this magnificent stately home and wildlife park for #dealornodeal on tour! Channel 4
As sunset dawned, The Banker landed with Β£21,737 less in his pocket. What a spanking! Read more...

Bav spanked The Banker on his own Boeing 737! - Deal or No Deal

Deal Or No Deal takes to the skies in The Banker's private jet. All aboard! Channel 4 #dealornodeal
Noel and The Banker are almost ready for take off! Join them for a spectacular game of Deal or No Deal on board a Boeing 737, 4pm on Channel 4
What a game! Becky missed out on the Β£50,000 in her box, but walked away with a great sum of Β£13,000 and 3 happy kids!

Read more, bit.ly/2ibCNIF
The Banker's invited Becky to do a wooden spoon challenge. Will she be able to catapult one of the cheeses in the witches hat?
Is The Banker sinking to new depths of evil behaviour? Tune in on Channel 4 for Deal or No Deal on Tour in the famous caves of Somerset's Wookey Hole!
Gordon managed to nab Β£15,000 to have the wedding of his dreams. Congratulations, Gordon and Kim! What a spanking!

Read more, bit.ly/2hMvXwO
Gordon wants to make The Banker cower - come watch the battle at Blackpool Tower, now on Channel 4!
Danny played a spectacular game, taking home a grand total of Β£26,000! Read more, bit.ly/2hEMos6
Danny can finally wave goodbye to the penny! Can he win the lion's share of The Banker's money?
Noel has stopped off at yet another unique location! Join us now on Channel 4 for Deal or No Deal on Tour at the Trafford Centre in Manchester.
Alexandra Palace has been a stunning venue, and held a stunning game. Where will The Banker go next? Keep watching!

Read more, bit.ly/2h4nTnD
What's this? Noel's been replaced! What did you say to The Banker this time, Noel?
Deal or No Deal hits the road - and it's parked in the capital!

Let's welcome Noel and The Banker to Alexandra Palace for the London installment of Deal Or No Deal on Tour, now on Channel 4.