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Today, I held a press conference alongside those representing our teachers, women, seniors and DREAMers. Trump campaigned on a platform of sexism, religious intolerance, misogyny and divisive rhetoric that demeaned immigrants and women and blew dog whistles to bigots and anti-Semites. It appears as if not much has changed in his transition from candidate-Trump to President-Elect Trump. His...
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Wasserman Schultz vows to stand in opposition to Donald Trump

Yesterday on ABC News VP-Elect Pence tiptoes around the truth - but opinions aren't facts, and President-Elect Donald J. Trump needs to learn that quickly.

Watch Mike Pence try to defend Trump’s false claim that ‘millions’ voted illegally

Congratulations to Broward County's new Democratic team, some of the most dedicated and passionate Democrats in Florida and our nation. Under your leadership, I know we will continue to be Florida's blue anchor and carry the Democratic ticket to victory in 2018 and beyond!
Thanks for making a quick stop at the United States Capitol before your speech and debate competition, West Broward High School! Sending lots of good luck to these students from Pembroke Pines during their competition this weekend.
Donald Trump campaigned on promises to hold government officials accountable by ‘draining the swamp’ – but apparently those pledges don’t apply to Mr. Trump or his cronies. In fact, his meeting with Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is anything but that. Earlier this year, alarmed Floridians raised questions about whether Bondi – our state’s highest ranking law enforcement official – had...
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Bondi to meet with Trump on Friday

Quality and affordable health care should be a right and not a privilege for everyone in this country, and I'm proud that Florida continues to be a national leader in enrolling people in Obamacare. Whether you have a pre-existing condition or are under 26, you can get quality and affordable health care right now! Visit to learn more!

Half million Floridians sign up for Obamacare coverage in 2017

Today we observe the 35th World AIDS Day, and while we should all be proud of the progress we’ve made over the past three decades, there is still much more work to do to bring an end to the AIDS epidemic, particularly within communities of color. AIDS is not only a public health issue, it is also a civil and human rights issue across the globe.
As Alzheimer's Awareness Month comes to a close, please take a moment to visit alz.org and learn more about what you can do year round to help advance research to #EndALZ
ICYMI: I joined MSNBC yesterday to talk about the need for human rights and political reforms in Cuba in the wake of Fidel Castro's death, and the alarming conflicts of interest in the incoming Administration. Thanks for tuning in!

Wasserman Schultz Discusses Cuban Human Rights Reform and Trump's Transition

U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL-23) joined MSNBC to discuss the need for human rights and political reforms in Cuba in the wake of Fidel Castro's deat...

President - Elect Trump's selection of Rep. Price to lead the Department of Health and Human Services is dangerous for millions of Americans. He would privatize Medicare and undo the progress made by the Affordable Care Act. As a member of Congress who represents tens of thousands of seniors, I will fight all attempts to break the promise we've made to Americans who pay into the system...
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Wasserman Schultz Statement on Nomination of Rep. Tom Price as HHS Secretary

I'm with my friend AFT - American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten. We need an Education Secretary who supports ALL 50 million kids who attend public schools and gives them the tools to succeed. Watch below:

Teacher's union leader blasts Trump Edu. Secy. pick

Thrilled to celebrate the engagement of my former scheduler and Director of Operations, Hannah Lerner last night! It's always so wonderful to celebrate the milestones in our #TeamDWS family! #Mazeltov to Hannah and Zach!
It's Small Business Saturday. Support your local economy, find a small business near you and @ShopSmall #ShopSmall

Shop Small® Nov 26

Enjoy the deals today but have a personal safety shopping plan. Follow these tips from The National Crime Prevention Council [ Bit.ly Link ]

You Need A Personal Safety Plan for Black Friday — National Crime Prevention Council

Huge Thanksgiving celebration at our house this year. Wonderful day with family and friends, old and new! This is one of our favorite holidays. The food brings us together and we have so much for which to be thankful. It was a total team effort of main dishes, sides, salads and desserts. Wishing everyone a wonderful and safe holiday weekend full of love.
Once the table is set, the food is out, and everyone is at peak hungriness -- no matter how eager Steve and my kids are to eat -- we go around the table and say what we’re thankful for. That’s why I love Thanksgiving. It gives us the chance to pause and remember what’s important and who’s important to us. Life can be hectic, but I hope you take the time today to slow down, relax, and enjoy...
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Cooking with your kids today? Make it healthy and safe for your family and get the Safe Kids Cooking Safety Parent Checklist [ Bit.ly Link ]

5 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Cooking Safer for Your Family

I am thankful we live in a nation for ALL people. That’s why I’m wearing a safety pin on my lapel. It’s a visible symbol of safety, solidarity, and unity. Displays of unity and acceptance are more important than ever right now. Fasten a safety pin to your lapel and post a picture of yourself on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #SafetyPinSolidarity. Add you name now. [ Bit.ly Link ]

Pledge to Wear Your Safety Pin

The Jubilee Center of South Broward, Inc. has a special place in my heart. Open five days a week, the Jubilee Center Soup Kitchen serves a nutritious lunch to approximately 150 people each day. They'd welcome, non-perishable food, personal health items and volunteers. Please remember them during the holidays and throughout the year.
With Donald J. Trump​ as our President-elect and Paul Ryan returning as Speaker of the House -- Republicans are ready to dismantle Medicare. Speaker Ryan is looking to fulfill his long-held dream of shredding our social safety net, and Medicare will go first. His long-time “Ryan Plan” to turn Medicare into a voucher system could actually happen. We have to stop the GOP from destroying...
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Join Debbie: Protect Medicare