Debby Ryan
02/17/2017 at 01:02. Facebook
Where are you
the only boys I'll sit with are gay or my actual brother
ya girls went out tonight! pour one out for the folks with whom we actively did not engage
ily love u angel
my sister-in-law is 24 today!!!!!! And still as magical as the day I found her online lmao hbd sar ilysm
The other thing you should know is that I’m free. I’m free to choose to sit crosslegged in the downpour, I’m free to wake up every day, pop an umbrella, and fight or free to follow the spiral down. I'm free to love harder with the bleeding parts of my heart, and I'm free to exercise empathy on deep dark levels.
Because soaked, inconvenient, gray, miserable, hyperventilating, sobbing, or still...
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At least there’s a word for a drowning in electric pieces. Having a diagnosis doesn’t explain it, like taking your meds doesn’t cure you. It becomes sustainable enough for a game plan.
If you know, you know it’s not just sadness.
It’s guilt at asking for something you deserve.
It's disgust with yourself for not being “normal” or able to rally. It's insecurity that your complete social...
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happy birthday smol thing. glad to know you and do life with you and make friendly hand gestures with you and watch you walk in purpose wherever you step. also when I get you from the airport I'm not gonna stop ok the traffic is crazy so I'll slow down and you hop in tuck n roll
hung out with my big brother today. this is from another time we hung out.
here is a photo of my best friend, his best man, and the best thing that's ever happened to him.

Happy birthday chase. I've always wanted to be just like my big brother and as you've grown that's only become more true. Thanks for your character and truth, courage and sense of humour, and keeping my faith in the goodness of man/men.
It's Sunday and the world is scary; tuck a flower behind ur cat ears
your new parents
*is completely comfortable in a public social environment*
catch me on snapchat literally 24/7 debbyryan
my favourite thing about this time of year is quality time with family