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Debby Ryan
12/06/2016 at 22:33. Facebook
a very Riptide Christmas tree decorating party. Thank you for having us, Mark + Mer and all bannenbergs, official or otherwise
Debby Ryan
12/02/2016 at 18:52. Facebook
Meet Cora, my newest girl.
Hey question have any of you ppl ever surfed?
How do you have the arm strength?
What do you do about jellyfish?
And can I have an Australian accent pls?
So excited to begin production on my new movie, #riptidefilm. Been looking forward to this all year and I'm more inspired now than ever by female surfers, writers, cinematographers, artists and directors...! The most respect for the brilliance, nuance, warmth, and strength brought to this film by feminine powers and the men who support us.

It's a great time to be a girl.
Don't let anyone...
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good time for an Australian summer
Let yourself laugh. Compliment your friends, on everything great and weird and hard to come by and beautiful. Braid hair, respect them deeply, and follow up with them.
Or throw a prom, and Cady Heron that crown to all the different shades of queens. Cry, and hold someone, and hold hands because you never know how scared your neighbour is and why. BE Brave with people. Let them rest around...
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Stay mad at injustice.
Stay compassionate.
Stay hungry to learn.
Stay desperate for change.
Stay brave enough to stay vulnerable.
Don't let the hate into your veins.
Stay shattered by what we've learned.
Let the old pieces go, stay aware of every new piece.
Stay clean, or sober, or alive, or proud or whatever is continually difficult but worth it.
Stay in love.
Stay proud.
Stay a Spurs...
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I went into GIPHY HQ and I emoted
[ Giphy.com Link ]
Some days I'm in my yeezy's
Some days I'm in my vans
SAH dude
geez where was I trick-or-treating as a kid?

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be a ballerina do whatever u want