Joanna De Lobel I'd like to offer you a free 20 minute reading with one of my Psychics/Mediums. There is a male in Spirit waiting to connect with you! I'd like to give another reading away tomorrow, if you'd like it to go to you please add your name below. Page members only please which is only fair. Thank you. xx D xx
Mitzi Collier I'm just about to answer your question on my text service! Lines are open for me & my team everybody!
2nd part of catch up with Debbie 'live'
Catch up with Debbie 'live'
This is slightly off topic for the page but I think it's important enough to share with you, I'm shocked and worried too, what do you think?

Browned toast and potatoes are 'potential cancer risk', say food scientists
Natalie, I think this is a male, around your age, the sense I have is of him being a lovely sensitive caring soul, he's definitely connected to one of you!
Lines are open for me & my team. This is also a post for you to add your name/photo of a loved one for a free spirit message tomorrow. Remember fan of the week on Fridays wins a free 20 minute reading. You earn points for liking sharing & commenting xx D xx
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Mish Peile
While Toby's all wrapped up and relaxing, I'm here with my team of Psychics & Mediums to answer questions for you, by text, phone or email. I also send messages out on here too ❀
One of you will win a free reading by telephone in the next few hours as 'fan of the week' you earn points for liking, sharing, commenting ❀
Goodnight everyone, I'll be here for you tomorrow to pass messages on from our loved ones in Heaven. xx D xx
Lines are open on my text & phone service. Gemma Allerton I'm answering your question next! Amazing validations coming in, I will be live tomorrow if you'd like to feature with a message being given to you then add your name below xx D xx
Absolutely amazing! xx D xx