What happened to you in a previous life can affect you in this life, find out more? Watch this!
Our Winners for the free Angel card reading are Sharon West, Ann Eaton Dooley & Alexis Murray. Congratulations to you all, please message the page to claim your free reading - Watch out for more giveaways on the page soon or use our text service ( simply text DEBS and your question to 66866) for just Β£3 (Eire 57080 €60 Happy Weekend Everyone. xxx
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Tracy Knowles

Our investigation filmed at The Bate Hall, last year. We promised you more, watch this space! #livingwithghosts
You can hear the child whispering on this! Spirit Box Live! I can hear him saying 'stay away' and earlier I had said I thought that the child coming through had a birthday or anniversary today (see full spirit box live post on the page) then he clearly says it's his birthday today!
Us! Then she says 'powerful' Spirit Box Live
Listen... of course and then 'that was scary' Spirit Box Live
Listen, the voice on the Spirit Box says 'hello' before I did, and the name given is Angel! Wow!
Thank you Chelsea Leach-Brown, I got the high five as soon as I saw your name, wonderful connection with you today, thank you for your validation of everything I said, blessings to you. xx D xx
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This is John, (from my live stream) thank you for your validation Tor Manfield, and for sharing this photo with me, blessings xx D xx