Catch up with my live stream from earlier today.
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We are so very blessed to have the most amazing emergency services in this country. My thoughts are with all the families and friends of those affected by the terror attack yesterday.
Good morning, lots for you today!
Whoever it was that heckled Sally Morgan simply wishes they were as amazing as you Sally! Smile, rise above it and just remember the hundreds of thousands that love you, including me! xx D xx
It's lovely to be back home! I've lots to talk to you about tomorrow, especially where I'm going to go to next, one things for sure, wherever I go you will be coming with me! Live streaming! Exciting times ahead! Love xx D xx
It's been a long journey but I'm back in the UK with you all! xx D xx
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Pete filmed downstairs in the hospital, the floor was full of broken glass & I was wearing flip flops! Loud bangs came from there before filming, the mortuary was filled with orbs.
Thank you Amy Collins. Yes I can see someone sat at there too!
Good morning Everyone,
I am sure you will all join me in wishing Deborah & her family a safe journey home today - Pauline xxxx
And it's goodnight from us! Love you all thank you for sharing our time here!
I'm live at an abandoned house in Barbados
St Joseph's Hospital Barbados (Abandoned)
St Joseph's Hospital Barbados (Abandoned)
I'm just getting ready to go to this abandoned hospital, your coming with me because I'll be streaming live!

Saint Joseph Hospital, Barbados - Wikipedia
When your mums a Medium! My daughter Tiffany was flying back home today and after she landed this is what I said to her! I heard my mum (Tiffs grandma) say she feels sick...