Raise your spirit, strength & stamina with these easy DIY cross training exercises. Discover in our article below how to explore a fitter version of yourself. Check out our entire cross training range here, [ Bit.ly Link ]

Cross Training Exercises to Simplify your Workout - Decathlon Blog

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"I got my diving licence before my driving licence!"
Yes, that's the story of Kanika Nagia our Sports leader for Scuba Diving and Snorkelling. This article traces her journey right from the time she first fell in love with water. Follow her passion and discover our diving & snorkelling range here, [ Bit.ly Link ]

Scuba Diving - The Start of Something Beautiful - Decathlon Blog

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Are you thinking of getting BETTER personally, STRONGER than the rest, and FASTER than the usual?
KETTLEBELL training sessions let you work your entire body, improving your strength, power and endurance. Discover our cross training range here, [ Bit.ly Link ]
#workoutwednesdays Get better, stronger & faster. Possibility to train anywhere is a big convenience. We are sharing top exercises for a cross training workout to shape you up! Discover our cross training range here, [ Bit.ly Link ]

Top Exercises for a Cross Training Workout - Decathlon Blog

#ValentinesDay could also celebrate our overwhelming relationship with Sports! So which Meme do you identify with?
Stay connected: [ Bit.ly Link ]

8 Valentine's Day Memes for the Sporty Type - Decathlon Blog

Make the world your personal gym. Feel the burn every rep. Train anytime & anywhere with Domyos cross training strap. Check out our entire cross training range here, [ Bit.ly Link ]
Paying attention to details can sometimes make all the difference. Here's to hassle-free journeys.

How to pack your Backpack - Pack lighter, Go further - Decathlon Blog

Blog Contest - What's your Sporty Wish Results!
Congratulations Shiv Pratap Singh, you have won yourself a Rockrider 340! Thank you for your efforts in weaving this fantastic story from your experiences. We wish you many more such journeys!

Thank you all for participating. The response has been amazing. We had the most difficult time to pick one winner. Some of your articles will be featured...
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Blog Contest Winner: Trek to Triund (Adventurous Christmas) - Decathlon Blog

Before Summer approaches in full swing, get yourself equipped with the right gear to plunge into the water. The guide below does provide some valuable insights.

How to Choose your Diving and Snorkelling Mask - Decathlon Blog

#RogerFederer's victory yesterday brings back a lot of nostalgia for Kanika Nagia who remembers the times she watched Tennis with her father as a child.She has always been a great supporter of Federer.Yesterday was indeed a happy day for her. She shares her thoughts on how "Tennis is a gentleman's game!"

P.S: A lot of 90's kids can relate to the article below. :)

Roger Federer: An excellent display of Sportsmanship - Decathlon Blog

It is said that money can't buy us happiness but it can buy us tickets to different places and thatโ€™s not too bad. However, good news is, even that isnโ€™t as expensive as we think it is with different budget travel options these days. So all broke adventurers, itโ€™s high time you start packing those backpacks too.

How to Travel Low Cost - Decathlon Blog

No other activity demands a more carefully planned clothing system than skiing. This time get it right with this dress for success guide to ski in complete comfort.

Freezing while Skiing? Not Anymore! - Decathlon Blog

We're launching the "Expedition to Mt. Kao Rong 3" Episodic on the Decathlon India Blog.
Here is a detailed documentation of each day by two mountaineers, Ravi Singh and Tapas Nath conquering the unconquerable. Get ready to be thrown into distant mountain lands as the story unravels from two different perspectives. Here's the first episode, stay tuned for the next.

Episode 1: Expedition to Mt Kao Rong 3 - Decathlon Blog

What a frugal thing happiness can be. Weโ€™re so caught up in the clutter of our day-to-day existence, the unpaid bills, the cliched and regular means to keep ourselves entertained, we often forget that there is a wide world outside.
Read the article below for inspiration to pack your bags and head out right now!

It's the Perfect Time to go Backpacking - Decathlon Blog

Now, we're really closer to the edge.Hurry and send your entries to amarabati.sen@decathlon.com.15th January is the deadline after which we won't be accepting any articles.
Utilize the weekend well as you unleash the writer within to win a Rockrider 340.

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It's interesting to read real experiences of people doing things that almost seem unachievable. By conquering the Himalayan paths, Sandeep Madaan emerges invincible! Read his experiences of The Hell Race and The Aravali Trail Hunter (ATH Finale Race) below!

Sandeep Madaan Cycles his way to Hell and Back - Decathlon Blog

Brave the wave! Dare to sea life differently in 2017. Share with us your #decathlonresolution in the comments below. Drift with the waves with the right surfing gear, bit.ly/2hXDaLi
Dare to transform territories into skating playgrounds? Cruise around surfaces, towns & wastelands. Our dare is to make all towns of the world our skate-park. What's your #decathlonresolution? Share with us in the comments below. Roll in style with our collection of skateboards & waveboards here, bit.ly/2hQW7zp
2016 encouraged us to explore the world on our terms, reach out to extraordinary people & places. Which fear do you dare to conquer in 2017? Use the #decathlonresolution and let us know your dare in the comments below.