This was quite an historic moment in Purple's history. The band had just reformed in 1984 and were in Hamburg for promotional activities. It was in fact the first time they had played together since June 1973!
Photos © Mick Gregory
This was quite an historic moment in Purples history The band had
Φιλίππα Παλαιολόγου
Ron Schroen
Russell Wagus
Deep Purple (1968-1976)
Deep Purple (1968-1976)
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Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow new release 26th May .
The presale has just been announced at iTunes with 2 new tracks:
'I surrender ' and 'Land of Hope and Glory':

I Surrender:
[ Link ]

Land of Hope and Glory:
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Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow new release 26th May
William Morrow
Mike Staley
Fida Syed
Deep Purple (1968-1976)
Deep Purple (1968-1976)
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There is a big rumour that Ritchie Blackmore will be releasing new Rainbow track in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more information tomorrow, as well as a reminder that the June shows in the UK are approaching fast:
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There is a big rumour that Ritchie Blackmore will be releasing new
Elkakatell FOstainless Karno
Jason A. Martin
Nenad Resnik
Deep Purple (1968-1976)
Deep Purple (1968-1976)
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Well, the quality might not be there, but its historic and its cool!
Deep Purple releasing Perfect Strangers in the USA in late 1984!
Melchor Hernandez
Gerald Cox
Melchor Hernandez
This rare snippet has just emerged from Japanese TV from late 1984. Featuring Jon Lord, Ian Gillan and Ian Paice, the band have just reunited for Perfect Strangers. It is worth then heading across to the YouTube Channel to catch some new clios that have just been uploaded:
[ Link ]
Conrad Steeves
Jon Juhl
Ale Marcelo Manso
Looking back 30 years ago and the 'House Of Blue Light ' tour featuring Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillan and Jon Lord.
Looking back 30 years ago and the House Of Blue Light tour
Jane Hall
Wira Atmaja Jaya Wardhana
James Shaw
Having some fun with Jon Lord in 1977 with Martin Birch as they lay down tracks for Paice Ashton Lord.
Alexandr Zada
Scott Bramwell
Graham Smith
If you would like an insight into the life of our heroes, this new piece featuring Candice Night from Blackmores Night is a beautiful look at her family.
A lovely piece:
[ Link ]

[ Link ]
Richard Karsmakers
Mazlan Satcha Funkilus
Илия Крушаров
Deep Purple on the road back in 2001/2002 . Always fun. Always Epic!
Sal Grisaffi
Jóhanna Hermansen
Valter Piva
This week in Deep Purple history:
May 1971 saw Deep Purple headline a great Australian festival in Sydney featuring Free and Manfred Mann. The stories have become part of rock n roll legend!
This week in Deep Purple history May 1971 saw Deep Purple headline
Pete Dunbar
Angelo Russo
Phillip Powell
Jon Lord and Glenn Hughes continue our story of the infamous Deep Purple Sunbury 1975 show with Mark 3.
Илия Крушаров
Daniele Cattani
Edgar Sikic
Glenn Hughes and Jon Lord discuss Deep Purple's January 1975 trip to Australia. Check out the brilliant vision from the period!
Cecil Benson
Mark Varley
Steve Heathcote
Glenn Hughes in the UK this summer!
A very special event July 27th:

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Glenn Hughes in the UK this summer A very special event July
Justin K Draw
Илия Крушаров
Ian Drury
Glenn Hughes is headed to Australia and New Zealand this May and June 2017!
Sean Marshall
Mitchell Evans
Ian Japp
Glenn Hughes will be playing some festival shows in Europe now in late July. We have just had a message saying that he will also be doing a special speaking event in his hometown Cannock on July 27th. The feedback from the Cafe De Paris event in February has been spectacular, so this is an event to get to .....More details in the next 48 hours.

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Deep Purple (1968-1976)
Ian Japp
Javi Malmsteen
In which town in England were Deep Purple formed?
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In which town in England were Deep Purple formed
Deep Purple (1968-1976)
Dan Cruz Mercado
William Morrow
It's been a week for Reunions....Looking back at 1993 with the Mark 2 band reforming for The Battle Rages On. And indeed it did!
Peter Kisfaludy
George Fotis
Renato F. Palhano
What a great gig for Purple fans - Deep Purple, Aerosmith and Gun's n Roses in 1988. It was an a amazing show we are told!
Robert Lynch
Amato DellaVecchia
John Bruno
Mid 1984 the world media announced the return of Deep Purple with Perfect Strangers - Check out this clip from USA TV announcing the October 1984 album release.
Igor Mendes Pietrucci
Илия Крушаров
Robert Hanley
Having a look back at 1988 and The House of Blue light tour - Ritchie Blackmore broke his finger in Phoenix Arizona and the tour had to be cancelled. Things turned sour in the ensuing months with Ian Gillan being fired. he was to rejoin the band in 1993.
George Fotis
Jason William Farley
Eric Smith