Deep Purple (1968-1976)
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Deep Purple's BLACK NIGHT smashing into the UK charts in 1970!
Deep Purple (1968-1976)
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March 1972 and the band thought that NEVER BEFORE was the hit single...a great track but upstaged by Smoke On The Water!
Deep Purple (1968-1976)
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Smashing out of the blocks from DEEP PURPLE IN ROCK is the glorious SPEED KING.
Purple ruled 1970!
Deep Purple (1968-1976)
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The world is talking about CREAM right now :

Former Deep Purple frontman Glenn Hughes & guests will play the Music of Cream 50th Anniversary Tour
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Cream Bloodline Continues With New Tour - uDiscover
Deep Purple (1968-1976)
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NZ born, Australian guitar legend KEVIN BORICH speaks about his time with Ritchie Blackmore at the Sunbury Festival in January 1975. It was to Kevin that Ritchie expressed his desire to leave the band and form Rainbow.
The late but incredibly great Jon Lord. A brilliant career.
Songs that Inspired a generation of musicians......See if you can guess which Deep Purple song made the list!
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Glenn Hughes News for Australia and NZ
A 'Sneak Peak' on the background of the 'Music of Cream 50th Anniversary Tour", which is coming to Australia and New Zealand!
Featuring Ginger's son - Kofi Baker, Jack's son - Malcolm Bruce, Eric's nephew - Will Johns, and Special Guest - the voice of rock Glenn Hughes from Deep Purple.
We're absolutely stoked to be a part of this!

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It was about to become MASSIVE..... Deep Purple had just released MCHINE HEAD and they perform the (to be ) classic HIGHWAY STAR in Copenhagen March 1972. Enjoy!
Pavarotti and Friends 2003 featuring Ian Gillan and Luciano Pavarotti. Simply Stunning!
Having a little bit of fun with our sadly missed and beloved friend, Ronnie James Dio.
Ronnie is chatting about his time with Black Sabbath, and mentions Ian Gillan's little period with the band.
Australian legendary photographer, Bob King, captured Deep Purple Mark 4 whist in Australia in November 1975.
The Purple classic 'Might Just Take Your Life' from Deep Purple's BURN
A late 1973 recording featuring the new Mark 3 band with Glenn Hughes and David Coverdale.
Deep Purple's FOOLS first came to light back in 1971 on the FIREBALL album. Check out the band years later in Montreux Switzerland ....What a cracking track!
The Purple classic taken from Machine Head and played live here in Copenhagen March 1st 1972 - say no more, its LAZY!
Deep Purple on top of their game in mid 1973 performing the classic ‘Strange Kind Of Woman’ at Hofstra University. This is why they are the greatest rock band of them all!
Jon Lord..... I couldn't just sort of wave my hand and say goodbye!
Jon Lord explains the difficulty in deciding to leave Deep Purple, and the confusion that surrounded his last shows as the second half of his farewell UK tour was postponed from February to September.
Deep Purple Mark 3 creating history back in late 1973. After a matter of months the band created one of the great rock albums. Historical stuff!
Worth checking out: Deep Purple in 20 tracks
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