Glenn Hughes Fans - This is a must do event. Glenn has had an amazing life and career, and this will be the first time in London to hear him walk us through so many of the magic..and extraordinary moments in his life. Tickets will be limited and whilst details are still yet to confirmed in regard to pricing and availability, we thought we should let you know to keep the afternoon of February...
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Deep Purple (1968-1976)
01/22/2017 at 06:07. Facebook
Deep Purple (1968-1976)
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There's a big rumour that Glenn Hughes will be hosting an event at the London iconic venue ' Cafe De Paris' with Vintage TV's Nicky Horne on Saturday 25th February. More news as it comes to hand this week - importantly keep this day free!
Deep Purple (1968-1976)
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Deep Purple's Live CD series - what will be next? Rumours of a Mark 2 show just prior to the split from France in March 1973 have emerged....
Stay tuned!
Deep Purple (1968-1976)
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George are an Australian rock band from Brisbane, Queensland. Their first album, Polyserenareached #1 in the Australian Charts on 17 March 2002. The band consists of Katie Noonan on vocals and keyboards, her brother Tyrone Noonan on vocals, guitar and keyboards, Geoff Green on drums and percussion, Paulie Bromley on bass and Nick Stewart on acoustic and electric guitar.

In January 2003 the...
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Deep Purple (1968-1976)
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Listen to songs from the album Concerto For Group and Orchestra, including "Intro (Music and Spoken Word)", "Hush (Live)", "Wring That Neck (Live)" and many more. Buy the album for £8.99. Songs start at £0.99. Free with Apple Music subscription.

Concerto For Group and Orchestra by Deep Purple & Royal Philharmonic Orchestra on Apple Music
Deep Purple (1968-1976)
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Looking back at 1974 - Roger Glover had just left the band and had began his career as the in house producer at Deep Purple (Overseas). A wonderful career lay ahead!
On the eve of Glenn Hughes' 2015 Uk/European tour, check Glenn live in 2007 performing the classic TRAPEZE track 'You are The Music, We're Just the band"
Rainbow's Long Live Rock 'n Roll is taken from Live in Munich 1977 which is a live album and DVD released by Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow in 2006. The concert was recorded in Munich on October 20, 1977, originally filmed to air on the German Rockpalast TV show
One hell of a rocking band - Rainbow from 1978 featuring Ritchie Blackmore, Bob Daisley, Cozy Powell, Ronnie Dio and David Stone.
Deep Purple STORMBRINGER - capturing vision from the infamous Sunbury show from January 1975. Deep Purple Mark 3 in action!
Deep Purple's Might Just Take Your Life is from the glorious album Burn which was the eighth studio album by the band, released in February 1974. This was the first Deep Purple album to feature David Coverdale on vocals and Glenn Hughes from Trapeze on bass and vocals.
Lets have a look back to March 1972 - with the greatest of them all...Smoke On The Water!
Deep Purple Mark 3 only had weeks left to play, but their performances are legendary and captured on 'Made In Europe' which will be reissued in 2017 with a fab new documentary.
Check out the band here in Belgrade March 1975!
Check out this great new interview with Candice Night and Ritchie Blackmore - The first for 2017:

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One of the most celebrated live rock albums in history was making its big entrance on this day in 1973
It was Deep Purple’s ‘Made In Japan’

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Deep Purple's Glenn Hughes and Jon Lord can be seen here discussing the transition of the band into the Mark 4 line up. Ritchie Blackmore had announced his departure in April 1975, and the band decided to carry on with Tommy Bolin on guitar. They produced the critically acclaimed 'Come Taste The band'
Deep Purple Mark 3 in Germany 1974.
Simply brilliant - BURN is one of the great Purple albums without a doubt.
Deep Purple Mark 2 live at the Rainbow Theatre in London 1972.
Welcome to 2017 everyone .... It's going to be great year for the Purple family with new tours for Glenn Hughes (January/February), Ritchie Blackmore (June) and Deep Purple with their new album due out in April.
Sit back, relax and enjoy this piece from 1985. Perfect Strangers live in the UK.
Happy new Year!